Water Cooler Wednesday


Click to see closer–   The duck dock that we built to give the orphaned ducklings a safe spot has become the Pond Water Cooler.   Featured on their break from Pond Community Officer duty are the Fab 5 ducks, baby merganser, and elder Heron.   He is hiding in front of the dock.   See him?

Any questions?

PLJ 04 Fab 5 Return


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The Fab 5 returned and immediately were on the job as Pond CIOs (Community Information Officers).   They are somewhat out of the loop I think.  The Mama and her ducklings, 4 0f 9, follow in flanking position.   Fab 5 are the little ones who were orphaned and then four of the five flew off.    Remembers?  if not you can catch duck dock on demand.

So something or someone had their attention and they were making their investigative approach.


The mama having been more up to date on pond affairs did not feel the same curiosity.   Holding her position she called her little ones to retreat.  I watched as they paddled their little duck boats to the south east reeds.

ducks investigate merganser

Unsure of what is in the quagmire the Fab 5 hold position.

I am watching this all go down.  I know that the little guy to the left is our young merganser.


They KNOW I am watching as they move towards the little merganser.  I think one is looking at me too.  See?

The guys  building a stupid house next door must have startled them.  4 of the Fab 5 take off.   I like how they are walking on water.   The little merganser and Fab One stay behind.


Pond life is real.

PLJ 03


Pond Life Rule: Ducks know what is going on.  They are the Community Information Officers (CIO).    Three senior officers are seen above to the right as they note the passing by of the landscape crew.

It should be noted that the landscape crew accidentally trimmed the apple tree as well as some other plants.