Not me but the lemur

img_20160916_123236506_hdrso I don’t wanna say where I was; I was at my therapist.  This circle thing with a face was next to me. I got creeped out or just wasn’t sure what is was.  Yah so I turned it away from me.

Therapist thought it was odd because she thinks our smiles are the same.  She may have said we look alike which after my gasp I took out my phone to document what she said.  Even though it was obvious I was gonna share – I told her I would be telling my friends.

She giggled and blushed and said some cover up of blue eyes….

I changed subject and said Frank, her lemur, was okay to look at.

Does that look like my smile?


Using Imagination for a Better World

Giant Sock Monkey

Today I spoke with my therapist about Giant Sock Monkey (GSM), MB, stuffies, connections and some other stuff.  I was telling her how GSM is no longer riding in the front seat of my car and I didn’t think i needed him.  Yes, i noticed his absence and considered putting him in the back seat BUT right now he is not my co-pilot.   4 days no GSM.

She reads body language and after some discussion we asked the question of “is it do i need him or just not want to need him”…   anyway

The important part to know is we use our imagination to make our world better.  This is OKAY.  This is good.  It all made sense.  Did GSM mean i was not mature or did he make things more FUN?

Obviously he makes things more fun.  Look at him.

So I concluded that I don’t have to use my brain to make sure everything is protected in my world which really means real.  I can use my imagination to make a better world.

I am not the kind of adult that lets fear over ride my thoughts and I don’t spin worse case scenarios all the time.   I am more of the fun, imaginative, and different type of adult.

I use that wonderful childlike imagination that i have procured over years.   I make my world- the world a better place.

 p.s. sending hugs to any stuffies in the emergency room- just believe.   



Our vacation was perfect.  Thank you.

You are doing that thing you do.  Up early again, quietly, and without complaint.   You let me sleep.

Determination in your eyes; love in your heart.

Taking care of me.

I see your confidence: it will all get done.  The work week continued while we were away yet you are mastering time.  Organized, focused, and here for me.

I appreciate all you do and how you do it.


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The Geometry of Women

Love it when math works

The Lonely Author


The Geometry Of Women

Don’t need to be a mathematician or
genius to postulate on the female form.
For women were meant to have curves.
So it doesn’t matter from which side
we admire their figures, I am certain
every view will provide a right angle.

The delicious arc of a wicked smile and
the symmetry of their glorious spheres
always intersect the very heart of me.
The smoothness of their planes, their
triangle, and perfect orbs in back will
keep any nerd or gent perpendicular.

Nothing sends me on wild tangents
as the breathtaking and captivating
beauty of the geometry of women.

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Water Cooler Wednesday


Click to see closer–   The duck dock that we built to give the orphaned ducklings a safe spot has become the Pond Water Cooler.   Featured on their break from Pond Community Officer duty are the Fab 5 ducks, baby merganser, and elder Heron.   He is hiding in front of the dock.   See him?

Any questions?