Introducing Sir Cool alots aka Wilbear



Word up to the Daddy.

don’t front the bear and tell im what to wear, he be bling

no creeper in the night, No creature but he have dopplebear with a similar feature.

bear is no slave -what up if he misbehave

Keep that kink on the sly Daddy, I swallowed your codeine after

heard that little girl scream, saw once how she got used

Don’t want to wake up feeling dazed and confused.

fuzzy, fizzy, dizzy

I got class

1. Darling’s Daddy does not represent Wilbear   stuffies in legal matters.  This includes forging signatures, paw prints, branding, releasing photographs without prior consent.

2.  Wilbear is not a creature.

3. Wilbear is not Sir’s submissive.

4. Wilbear has the ability to communicate silently to darling.

5. Stuffies must NOT witness scenes

6.  Any lost limbs shall be replaced.

7.  Stuffies are fuzzy but should not be mistaken for socks.

8. Stuffies have mad skills.  Hacking into blogs, txts, phones…etc.   Good to know before punishing an innocent baby girl. 

9. Stuffies can have twins.  also good to know before punishments.

10.  “get control of that bear before I do”….

11. You expect me to believe….”Yes, Wilbear is taking online college classes.”


5 thoughts on “Introducing Sir Cool alots aka Wilbear

  1. Very funny, nice to meet you Wilbear.

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