Provide, Protect, Praise

circle of protection

Curled up in his protection I am allowed to be me. I don’t have to worry about the night.  My Sir keeps our home secure.

Thank you Mr. Fox and Little Kaninchen  (L.K) for providing a home for Sir and I.  It has led to an outer circle of protection and made our inner circle stronger.  Please except our Praise and gratitude.

September 2013 I found Mr. Fox’s blog for dominants on .   It was sexy and Mr. Fox enlightened and encouraged Doms to say things to their submissive during sex.   Sir and I were not in a D/s relationship at the time however he was doing some of these things.  I wanted more.  What I read on husdom excited me and I wanted it for US-for ME.   I forwarded the link to my Sir.  He quickly saw it would be a spoiler for me if I read anymore.  Mr. Fox offers wonderful ideas for all things.   I was told not to read it anymore.     Sir and I started our formal D/s. 

Later I found the site for submissives:  Little Kaninchen .  I did not participate as I did not know what to write in the forums.  I was so new to D/s- what could I possibly say?

I was a little, I felt different, I was worried that I might not fit in.  When I read the posts it seemed everyone else had already made insightful comments and I had nothing to add.  Meanwhile my Sir made Dom friends, chatted, posted, and I nothing.   I had no other sub to talk to.  No littles, no baby girls, and it made me sad.

Sir encouraged me and helped me come up with a topic about any differences in the D/s relationship compared to DD/lg.   A girl name Soto wrote a question about not really knowing what a babygirl was or if she was or?   and it was immediately responded to….L.K. brought in an expert.  Guess who?  Yes, Cinnamon and Sparkles (phoenix).  She wrote a wonderful explanation of being a little/baby girl.  This brought the realization and self discovery to Soto, “she was a babygirl”.  This changed her life, her relationship, and she became my bestie.  I got to play a part in someone’s self discovery on their journey.   !!!!!!!!  THIS CHANGED MY WORLD.

Mr. Fox also added a category for Littles and Daddies to describe your relationship in your profile.

I also became to know Cinnamon as the woman I admire and the baby girl I adore.   She introduced me to you in blog landia.   I am grateful.

Sir’s and darling’s life were changed for the better by simply joining the D/s-m community.

I have met so many wonderful submissives.  I have grown and shared.

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Something to comment about….





8 thoughts on “Provide, Protect, Praise

  1. I’m so touched by this.

    Just glad to be a friend and a part of your journey


  2. There is no single word to describe you babygirl….You are so much more than one or even a thousand words….here are just a few that come to mind…..
    Beautiful, incredible, hilarious, wondrous, sexy, amazing, admirable, committed, loving, tender, innocent, experimental, kind, wonderful…..

  3. sirslittledarling,

    I am deeply moved by your post and your account of how husDOM and Little Kaninchen have encouraged and supported you and MDS along your personal journey.

    LK and I will have more opportunity in the near future for you and your Sir to help enlighten others regarding your lifestyle. I really believe that so many people draw conclusions and do not understand what the DD/lg dynamic is at all. It may be one of the most misunderstood lifestyles that exists today. The two of you are great ambassadors for the lifestyle…

    I have spoken many times regarding ‘Pay it Forward’ on husDOM. On October 22, 2014 mydarlingssir wrote a wonderful forum thread called “Pay It Forward” describing his journey and how important it is to support others along there own.

    MyDarlingsSir has been a major supporter and contributor on husDOM for a long time. In fact, he is a chat moderator, a forum moderator and a contributor on husDOM. I haven’t asked him yet but I am going to ask him to be a group leader for a DD/lg group when I add groups in the beginning of 2015.

    MDS certainly understands what is meant by ‘Pay It Forward’!

    So I would offer you my gratitude as well for everything that you two have done for lk and I and all of the wonderful things that you two have done for countless others.

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox

    • Thank you Mr. Fox. I know my Sir values your friendship. You were the one he reached out to when we first began our journey and he trusts you. Perhaps It is hard for us to fully realize our effect on others so I wanted to tell that particular story because of the deep personal way it changed my life. Little things…little things….lol

  4. SD…. Wow, Thank You so much for all your kind words. Sir and I have worked hard to make a safe learning place for all couples in D/s. Your insights and experiences educate everyone about your dynamics. Thank you for that..

    Little Kaninchen

  5. We definitely feel safe in the community you created. Sir shares his heart and mind. I have met wonderful subs in the chat. I go there to heal, learn, have fun, and visit…and push my own boundaries! As my Sir wishes…. Thank you for all your support…and our budding friendship.

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