Frogs and Toads and Such


I met my frog online.  He was just a handsome frog with a wonderful smile.  I let him know that I liked his smile.  He wrote back thank you and we started to message via online.   I did not have a picture posted and he was interested in me.

I did not divulge much information at all..

This frog was intrigued and wanted to know more of me.   He gave me his email address and with that I had all I needed to do a preliminary safety check.  I found his real name, work location, and other important information to establish he was who he said.    Ahhhh; sigh of relief but only briefly….Was he married?

It was easy for us to email and I found that he was who he claimed to be.  I let him answer questions before I provided my answers….I did not want to be tricked by someone who says what is your favorite number?  Oh yes 3, that is mine too…..I also provided a general picture.  Nothing overtly sexy.  

I did not speak of anything sexual nor did I use vulgar language.   Frog treated me with respect as a woman.

When I felt safe I provided my cell phone to txt.  We txted everyday.   All things.

Frog wanted to meet.  I choose a familiar public place in daylight.  It was casual and I could leave at any time.  When I pulled up Frog did not open door which I made a mental note of  (Sir tells me that I mentioned he did not get my door, I let him know my expectations, and he has opened it ever since).   Frog was tall and handsome.  I was little.  Frog put out his hand and I took it.

Sometime during the walk I made my expectations clear.  If Frog wanted to see me he could however only me.  He was free to date as many woman  as he wanted but if he wanted to date me…it was only me.     This may have been his first clue that he was dealing with a princess who did not share.  Frog said he saw my “little” even then.

I felt as if I was with someone I had known for awhile even though I was keenly aware of the dangers at all time.  We walked and talked for hours.  It became a magical adventure.

Frog wanted to tell me about himself and some of things he was not proud of….as he began I told him that I had seen his facebook page and all the other things I had researched.  He was actually relieved.

to be continued….


13 thoughts on “Frogs and Toads and Such

  1. Ribbit…..

  2. Love this darling.

  3. Awww, I love this story. And you were VERY smart about how you handled the meeting and answering questions. I did the same thing with SSir…we would ask each other questions, and I would typically wait for his answer before I gave mine. It meant *I* was the one who did a lot of, “Me too!” I can’t wait to read the rest!

  4. I so love this, SLD. Can’t wait for the rest.

  5. I can’t wait to read the rest of the story!

    • It won’t be easy but I will share and continue…also I should point out that that pic makes frog look so short…he is very tall…..and handsome….. Shopping online : one size does not fit all. Frog’s hand fit mine sooooo well.

  6. […] So frog’s life was not in the best of order.  Like I said in in frogs, toads, and such […]

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