How To Tango With A Monster

Monsters under the bed..self doubt lurking in our head? I like these tips to tame them all


I was looking through my earlier posts and realized how much I’ve progressed as a writer, and more importantly, as a person. When I first started writing, a thought monster consumed me.

This monster of self-doubt clasped onto my soul and dragged me down. Some days I felt like I couldn’t do it. Some days I felt like no would listen to me, that I couldn’t help anyone. That upset me.

My brain constantly yelled at me, endlessly dragged me down with self-doubt. The thoughts continued to circulate through me, till I was consumed by them. I couldn’t afford to let the thought monster win.

I’ve figure out effectively how to battle the thought monster and here’s how I did it.

Ground yourself.

Live in the present moment. Self-doubt arises from past experiences or future unimaginable problems. The past and the future simply do not matter. Now is…

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