Activate Super Powers


Sir and I have super powers that we activate and use while under attack.  Our motto is “together we can do anything”.  We use distractions, cuteness, and our magic to strategically outwit those who wish to harm us.  We have a few outside sources that are not friendly and do not enhance our lives.  One such force is from the planet black cloud.  They have a visible dense fog of tension and ugly that surrounds them and chokes the positive energy and life out of people and drain fun out of littles.  Sir and I must, from time to time, interact with these fun drainers.    Littles  and Daddies are highly susceptible to these negative forces but have super powers to protect them. 

Similar to the original wonder twins Daddy and I can become anything we need to protect our fun and our togetherness.  Once when the black cloud was trying to say mean things to Daddy I said, “wonder twins in the form of a dolphin”.  I then magically made a dolphin sound and distracted the ugly black cloud.   I did not even know I spoke dolphin but magic is hard to understand.

Sir and I seem to live in our own magical world that no one else sees.  It is a world of us.  Sure he and I mix in with the muggles but we feel different.  I am different but not strange.  We have our own words and way to communicate so that we stay intact no matter the situation.  This feeds our Dominance and Submission.  This feeds our love.

It is fun to create new ways to survive in the mundane world.  When we visit the black cloud we often have a game plan before going and know exactly what we will use to survive the hostile conditions of the planet.  I like to use the first letter of what ever word she says and then we just bounce words that start with that letter back at her in conversation.  Ryhme  words are fun too.

So what is my point to this ramble?  That Daddy and I have found our super powers together.  Are we  building a telepathic link- well no but we are working on understanding more about our connections and our disconnections.  Daddy and I understand that in the type of relationship we are building it takes  extreme communication, understanding, patience, and freedom to succeed.  When we are connected and “home”  we enjoy each other.  We often think the same thoughts or we think together.  We validate each other.  We share our inner world with each other and open our hearts and minds.  Love flows.  Our dynamic works and all is good.

Then distance happens.  Sometimes we cannot seem to unite and use our magic.  We can’t reach each other.   We struggle.  It is one of the most scary feelings I know.  It feels like I can’t breathe and my world is ending.  Daddy I can’t reach you.   No one feels like they are doing right. I can’t activate my super powers.  We now understand why this happens.


It is our wounded hearts.  …”a deep sense that we are not intrinsically lovable just as we are.  And this shuts down our capacity to trust, so that even though we may hunger for love, we have difficulty opening to it and letting it circulate freely through us…”   Pychotherapist, teacher, and author, John Welwood gets it right in his book  Perfect Love- Imperfect Relationships.  

I found a blog which provides a good introduction to the concept of the “mood of unlove” that a wounded heart can create * Love, Relationships and Triggers.    I will be writing more on this as Daddy and I continue on our journey.  We know the enemy.  We have put more protocols in place to protect us (shields up).  DADDY and I are STRONG. COMMITTED and learning so much.


12 thoughts on “Activate Super Powers

  1. Kayla and I are working on our super powers, a good part of the time they are spot on. Sometimes they miss but we are working on fine tuning them.

  2. Love this. These powers get stronger as the years go by. 😉

  3. SLD… I think as D/s… You start having those wonder twins power. Sir and I do the same things. You protect one another With your invisible shields. Will miss you both in Vegas. Hope to see you next time. Wise post! I would say focus on the positive and let the negative go. I’ve learned it only eats at you and not at the negative person. Big Hugs! LK

  4. Yay for super powers!! And for stuffies that speak to us. Xo

  5. Darling, I love this post. It’s beautiful.

    And when you struggle with those powers, you have lots of other babygirl and Daddy friends to give you a power surge. 🙂

    • I got teary reading this comment because I know its truth…thank you. Sir and I are so appreciative of everyone’s support. This was one of those have “no idea what I am writing or where its going” so it is meaningful that it is understood… 🙂

  6. Read this again. Just love it. Read it to Daddy with voices. He loved it too!! Thank you, as always, for sharing. You always inspire me. Xo

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