Celestial Love


Gathering stars.

Because I trust you to take care of me; because you trust me with all you hold dear. 

I see you as the Man to give me all my dreams; able to pluck the stars from the sky…

The enchanting princess courted by the handsome prince: all a little girl’s dream, a woman’s desire.  Fate; in my hands.

Just Surrender

Spirit to spirit; mated

To be loved with tenderness and devotion

To give you that joy, that knowledge, that your love is the center of my happiness.

You give me tranquility in such unexpected ways.  You let me be free and pure.  Sir, Let me give you comfort and understanding.

Spirit to spirit, heart to heart; acceptance

A part of one another yet seeking always to be closer.

You shelter me. You give me a safe place to make our home.

I still get butterflies when I see you.  My heart races when you come home.  I sit on my mat waiting and every night my prince enters.  You gaze upon your little princess.  I am in your hands.   I hear the whisper: Just surrender

Everyday you honor your promises:

to put my needs above yours, to never take me for granted, to hear me, to be passionate, to remember that I am special, and to love me like I have never been loved before.

I will be the little one you need so keeping promises are made easy. In all I do I will be the brightest star to twinkle in your sky.

star  your angel, your little darling, yours.




9 thoughts on “Celestial Love

  1. Thank you babygirl….this is beautiful. I love you so much. My angel, My darling, My girl, My world.

    • Thank you Daddy.. Your comments are sooooo important to this little one..I just think the world of you….wilbear loves you too

      • I would loved to have commented more on this babygirl…… but the truth is that what you wrote left me speechless and unable to express just how much I love you. Thank you for all you do, all you give and all that you are. Mine.

  2. Such love! It increases my hope so very much.

  3. So beautiful…so sweet of you to share…I had to giggle at your reply about “Wilbear loves you too.” How is Wilbear we haven’t heard from him in awhile??? ❤️

  4. Darling, that was just beautiful. My Sir read it to me last night and we were both just sooo touched. Absolutely beautiful, and beautifully said.

    • Thank you. There are times I am filled, overwhelmed with feelings of such deep love. My heart and mind meet and that you understand what it says is amazing to me! Have your Sir click on the bright star link for that tells some of my Sir’s words ( through daddy’s eyes post) …warning heart melter…lol. And omg smushie ahhhh that your Daddy read to you….love when my Daddy does that too. Cuzzles

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