More than Dick

giggle balls


giggle balls or balls of giggle- i just had to!!!  

Lots of talk about dick but I don’t want to leave anything out.  Daddy I love all your parts.

I feel owned when you stand over me and rest your cock and balls on my head.  I imagine you looking down to see me,your beauty, and your power all together.   You give me the freedom to be me.  Little.  Silly.  Sexy.  ME….

giggles and submission,


and yes i did blush at saying the word cock.  



14 thoughts on “More than Dick

  1. It can’t be helped babygirl….when you kneel in front of me your head is the perfect height for cock and ball resting. Not to mention how sexy you look peeking up at me. My desire grows as I look down at you…..and you know what is coming next. Open babygirl. Good girl. Daddys girl.

    • Daddy, this post makes me feel vulnerable because I am showing my little self… Volume up uncontrolled..thank you for accepting me….:)

      • babygirl…this post and you are beautiful for just that reason….you never have to worry…I will always accept you…keep the volume high little one

  2. Don’t ever forget the balls!!!! LOL! HUGS! XXOXOX LK

  3. Silly and sweet…and the word c**k makes me blush too, heck I can’t even type it, ha ha.

  4. But you felt ok with BALLS?? Giggle. You crack me up.

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