Sadist and Masochist Energy

Frankenstein Gyno Chair

The Gyno Frankenstein Chair is a  Rupert Huse and Son  early piece.  This torture chair was my home for several hours as FrankenDaddy tortured my private parts.  Yet, private is not a correct adjective any longer.  I was strapped down and spread out in a private dungeon party (about 1900 square feet and 50+ people).  I was not blindfolded.  How does that sound to you?  How does that chair look to you?  Scary?

Daddy and I chose the chair together.  I very much wanted him to restrain me and torture me in a private dungeon.   Was I scared?  Oddly not.  I was with Daddy.  It was our adventure.  My Masterful Sadist has given me these cravings and desires.   I am most appreciative.   Our play protocols and rituals facilitated a wonderfully smooth night.  Prior to our arrival we had looked at the pictures of the space and discussed furniture pieces we might like and what we might do.   Our play protocol encourages us to communicate specific desires, feelings, images, and verbally build a type of outline of our intended play.  We are free to ask questions, talk about what if scenarios, the flow of the scene, limits, and time frames.
We like to create and feel energy in our power exchange.  We formally call this our connection. Our play focuses on keeping this connection through out our scene.  We make our initial connection by placing a hand on each other’s heart and just feeling each other.  Quiet emotions.  Daddy’s hand on my chest can open me up to tears.  We kept our hands on each other until our emotions visibly moved us.   Daddy will try not to break physical contact (this bond) while we are playing.  He sat me on his lap and told me how he was going to strap me into the chair and torture my titties first.  He was going to give me pain.
See me, feel me, let me in
Let Daddy inside you
Give yourself
Yes little girl- spread open for me: heart, mind, body, and soul.
The dungeon was full that night and both of us were watched.  This is a scary thing.  I asked Sir, “no one is going to fuck me right daddy?”  I needed his reassurance that he was going to protect me.  I was strapped down as kinksters mingled about.  Now we all know I WAS SAFE but as sirs little darling I had to ask.  That was where I was at.  I was watched but others did their own thing too.   Daddy kept great care to stay in between my legs so I was not overly exposed.  I am still so very private about those things.
Daddy tortured me and gave me pleasure.  My body deceives me that way.  I squirted several times on my little wee pad.  I tried to hold back but Sir controls my body.   We stayed very close and I got very emotional as I do when we play.  When I open up and am so vulnerable.
Upon leaving one of the Dungeon Owner’s friend or monitor  told Sir and I that he enjoyed our energy.  “WE brought great energy to the dungeon.”  Be sure to come back.  That compliment hit Sir and I very deep.  We strive for connection and that someone else felt and saw our love was very validating.
I struggle with what to write in this post.  I don’t feel like sharing the details of that night.  I desire to keep them more private- maybe because it was so not private of a night?  I don’t know.  He was not the scary FrankenDaddy nor do I have an erotic story to share.  Well he did torture my pussy.
  We usually always grow from our play.  It is not just play for us.  It is much deeper.  Something happened to Sir and I that night. Our relationship won’t be the same.  We continue to go deeper into our S/M dynamic.   The level of trust, the desires that grow, the energy that we now know others can sense,my braveness, and our venture further into the community.

13 thoughts on “Sadist and Masochist Energy

  1. blondevampire

    I agree with Joy!! I would love to try that some day

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Congrats!

  3. I love when it leads to a deeper place like this. I think it twines our hearts together more tightly.

    Love that you didn’t share the intimate physical details but painted the emotional connection so brightly.

    • Thank you. My emotions bubble when I think of our adventure. We don’t have pictures of the grand canyon like some of Daddy’s friends and to them we seem to never go anywhere but OUR secret is we venture. We adventure. As you so poetically put it we entwine…It is not how we go but that we stay there together in our hearts. Yes- deeper.

  4. This is artistry, beautiful and very powerful. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. Thank you for sharing.❤️

  6. I’m seriously in love with your description of your physical connection you two do at the start of your play!! Thank you for sharing what was so intensely private for you.

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