Latex Desires; being his fantasy

I respect my Sir as my leader, head of household, lover, Daddy, and a Man.  He is also my best friend.  I admire him. He takes care of me and not only shoulders all his burdens but mine too.  He confides in me. He tells me his desires and I fulfill them.  That is his wonderful gift to me.    I DESIRE TO BE HIS EVERYTHING.  His dream. His fantasy. Deep down inside this is my truest desire.  TO BE ALL HIS and ALL HE DESIRES.

bubble gum pink

Pink Shiny Arm Candy.  It was a new experience to put on the capri cat suit.  Daddy rubbed talcum baby powder on me first and we began to dress me.

He was excited.  I was nervous it would not fit and I would disappoint him.  It fit.  I was so thrilled. He looked at me and had a strange look on his face.  I was starting to panic inside.  OMG i must look terrible I thought.  I went to the mirror and was surprised-my curves shown and I began to focus on his voice calling me back to him.  He held me and ran his hands over my new pink shiny skin. It was exciting to see his pleasure and I felt my total surrender. I did not expect him to show such control.  I wanted that beast.  I realize he does what he does to keep me safe.  There will be many more latex adventures.  I trust him completely.   The play that night bonded us more. Later when I read what Sir wrote below I was so surprised.  I had no idea Daddy was so pleased- maybe it was the control he showed. His words give me such happiness.  Sharing not only our desires but the fulfillment is part of the connection.  Sustaining…………………………………………….

I found my self with a bit of a latex fetish quite a few years back in vanillaburbia. It was one of the many fantasies that came from watching copious amounts of porn. It was really never going to be anything more than a fantasy back then. When darling and I found one another we quickly learned that our fantasies were different than others.   As we have traveled on our D/s and BDSM journey we have been able to open up and fulfill our fantasies.   So much so that we do not call them fantasies any more, they are just desires that we have yet to fulfill.

After some successful and a couple not so successful attempts at purchasing darling shiny catsuits and other clothing, I finally went ahead and bought an actual latex suit for her.   It is what I would call entry level, not a full catsuit, rather a haltertop sleeveless.   Bubblegum pink with a 3 way zipper from the collar down between her legs and up to the top of her ass.   It is tight as hell on her body.   It literally fits her like a rubber glove.

Let me tell you, she looks FUCKING HOT! Sexy, sexy, sexy. I love it.
The first time we put her into it I had to fuck her. Couldn’t be helped, I had to. I think she knew it was going to happen even though I am pretty sure I said something to the effect of “we are just trying it on to see if it fits”. Yeah, right. Once I felt her curves wrapped in that rubber, tightly holding her, it was over. I unzipped her crotch so that I had access to her. I played with her for a little while but it was really only me trying to seem like I had some measure of control. All I could think of was fucking her in that sexy suit.
It was even more than I ever dreamed. The feel of the rubber as I held and rubbed her body while I was inside of her was amazing…..darling is always sexy, she has an amazing body, but what a fucking hot sexy little whore she is when she puts on that suit.   My hot sexy little whore.
So yes, I still have a latex fetish. It just isn’t a fantasy anymore. My reality is that darling is my fantasy. She gives me all of herself and fulfills all of my desires. Everyday is a new adventure for us. We have so many desires to fulfill. Together they will all come true.
Together we can do anything.



14 thoughts on “Latex Desires; being his fantasy

  1. Quite simple really …… Utterly stunning !!!!!

  2. That is stemming right off the pages!

  3. So sexy…like the color…thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Oh my!! You look AMAZING in that suit, Darling!!! Your daddy is cute describing how he was hot for you. 😃 Don’t you like it when our Daddies are overcome for us in unexpected ways? So sweet.

    • Yes, It is sweet emotion. No shadows, no fear needed. Open. Revealing. I was so worried I looked ridiculous and he quieted me…thank you for your acceptance and compliment… I keep those with me….I always need to be fed….:)

  5. Wow, great to hear how you fulfil each other’s fantasy.
    And you look pretty fantastic in that suit! 😎


    • Our latex fetish keeps growing. It is our commitment and love that allows us to be so open to each other’s desires I think. Maybe we are kinky however I am sticking with the respect and love . thank you for your positive input. It is a great support.

  6. Darling and Sir…. I have to say that you are unbelievably sexy in your latex Darling. Wowsa! I wish I could pull that off….

    But what I love even more is the sweetness expressed in your heartfelt words. Both of you.

    • Wowsa:That is a fun word. You could pull it or anything off! I could guess you share the same desire to be Hunter’s everything? That is all it takes…look what you’ve done already! Thank you for understanding the story of our hearts.

  7. Thank you everyone for letting darling know how great she looks in her new latex. I could not agree more. You should see her in the pictures we can’t post…..HOT!!!!! She is incredibly sexy, but as a little, she also has her insecurities. Although I always remind her of how beautiful and sexy she is, it is wonderful to hear it from others. Seriously, look at that sexy little body, there is no way I can resist My girl.

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