It is safe to believe


Believe in the heart of a child

Fairy tales are not just stories

they are the real lives of us

all magical.


it is safe.

How I derive safety and security has changed with my submission.  Safety is not locking the doors at night.  Daddy does that.  I can sleep secure in his arms.  He protects me.  My security is not found in my pay check but in watching Daddy go to work every day.  He is where he says he is going to be.   I always let him know where I am.  We are always together in thought.  

Safety is knowing he is watching me.  He holds my breath in his hand.   When he tells me to just be little.  Enjoy.  “Daddy has you”.  I have my security not just because of the words but the actions.   He researches our play so he won’t harm me, he listens to me, he wants my input on building structure.  He is a better man than the day I met him.  I am a better woman.  I am his.

He has never failed me in his integrity.  He stands tall.  The foundations of our relationship intact: honesty, open, committed, just us…always growing.

Demons dance in my mind, they are triggered by the oddest things.  They can torment me for days but Daddy knows this.  He knows it is not him but my past.  I am secure in that he will quiet them.  He won’t let his feelings be hurt by my past.  I am trying so hard.  I still have days.

A career woman of 20 plus years must redefine security and safety in the context of her life with her Sir.  I still ask Daddy, “are you real”?   I know he is.  Why do I ask?  the past

Listen to your heart when the demons dance.  Logic does still win.  Redefine in the context of your lifestyle.  I belong to him.  HE HAS ME…

I pause

I breath

I smile

I believe

I believe in you Daddy


18 thoughts on “It is safe to believe

  1. Such beautiful words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Exactly…. This!
    I am redefining so many things right now. I’m so lucky that I know exactly what ” I have you” means….. what it feels like when someone really means it.
    And I’m so lucky to have a little friend who gets it.

  3. I believe !
    Good post lady!


  4. Beautiful!

  5. Beautifully written.

  6. […] darling wrote a post about safety and security, it was titled It is safe to believe.   I was so very proud of darling as I read it.   She expresses her feelings beautifully and […]

  7. So lovely, thank you for sharing…keep believing, it is real and you both are so lucky to have found each other.

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