His Princess not Queen

not so hip

There she stands; hands on hip, bottom lip jutted out perfectly, hips tilted, hour glass figure defined, and then the pause.  The look.  All is silent as she lifts her right hand in the form of a question BUT she will answer it for you.  She may wait for you to answer, eyeing you coyly as she waits for the sentence to come from your lips that she can use to her advantage.  Yes,  you might find yourself in her royal court.

Have you ever felt your strength when your hand is on your hip?  It is not a submissive position. This  is Queen behavior.  I want, I need, and an array of facial gestures and sounds that suggest you may approach with caution however you might not know what you are talking about.

My fuzzy blanky can quickly become my royal robe as I stand to address MY Kingdom.  MY royal decrees are mostly unheard as daddy takes a shower but my little Queen has fed on her own imagination.  As Daddy’s property I don’t want to be in control but I don’t want to be out of control. I want to be Daddy’s GOOD GIRL.  She may cast a spell on her Daddy to help her rule her kingdom.  It is all play Daddy.  Hmmm, yes but please bring me home.  Rescue your princess with your hands firmly around her neck.  She needs boundaries.  Your heart my castle.  I feed on your control.  I need to breathe consistency and wake in my protectors arms.  I believe you are forever. My forever.  Ahh the mindset of a little.  When we are connected Daddy I blend so well: woman and child.

His princess not his Queen.  I asked Daddy about some of my possible Queen behaviors and it seemed like I needed to write them down quickly.  He had a few…

Queen behavior:  talking over people, cutting them off because you have something to say.  Have no problem saying, “I don’t like this”.  While he was telling me I smiled all cute like and he got distracted so he ended up saying those are the big ones, “that is about it”.  Smile.   Many of my old Queen behaviors are gone. Banished. I have grown into such a lovely little princess full time.  My jests are all playful.  Owned.

Princess behavior: polite, cute, smiles, adorable facial expressions.  “I would like”  “If it please you”. Lives within the boundaries of Daddy’s kingdom.  Pleasing. Humble.   I am proud to say that I have shown my Princess qualities.  Daddy is cultivating them.  This bracelet could be my crown.  I love you Daddy.

princess bow




5 thoughts on “His Princess not Queen

  1. I like princess better too ❤ Princess girls have so much more fun too than a Queen. We don't have to worry about all that ruling the kingdom stuff

  2. Cute Post, pretty bracelet…I hope you get your crown. My friend and I always say we are Princesses because a Queen is too old, ha ha. 👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻

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