Big Caper- Little Detective; all in a DD/lg day

During my lunch break I was watching t.v (scary criminal minds).  My super peripheral vision spotted a little brown fuzzy butt running around the corner.   I immediately txt Daddy of my sighting and further deduction that it might be Wilbear.  “uh Oh Troubles”, says Daddy.   I tell him about the rustling i heard.  Possible capers.   I let him know I don’t feel good and am gonna take a nap.  I am sure i didn’t do anything wrong but that i thought Wilbear might have because i don’t feel well and he looks full.  I don’t want to get framed.   I mean look at this cute face.

easter cuteness


I ask a few questions and I am directed to examine Mr. Beep’s bulging tummy.


I am not new to Capers and I continue with protocol:  my line up of possible brown   butts fitting the description.

line up





I officially name the caper “the case of the missing bear claw”. I explain it is bear claw not Bear paw.  I take a mug shot just to be official.


I have yet to solve the case.  First I must know if stuffies can ever fib. Now I don’t think Wilbear would ever fib to me but I really wanted to take his mug shot.

Now for that nap time.

 *disclaimer  there may be more than one missing bear claw…yet to be determined




12 thoughts on “Big Caper- Little Detective; all in a DD/lg day

  1. I hope Wilbear will be afforded the best defence lawyer stuffie justice can provide.


  2. Oh dear….a caper….what am I coming home to tonight? FYI darling, bear claws do not count as a healthy food item….delicious, but not healthy. At least I can be assured that you are busy drinking lots of water to help keep you feeling healthy and strong for Daddy. Tell wilbear that I will be having a talk with him this evening. Enjoy your investigation babygirl.

  3. You were good to direct me to water today during your investigation.

  4. Thanks for the giggles…your post and your exchange with your Daddy…such crazy capers going on at your house!!!😆😆😆

  5. All evidence pointed towards this caper being a setup to frame a couple of stuffies…..the interrogation revealed no results as the little being interrogated was very evasive…..harsher interrogation techniques may be required

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