Humiliation and Degradation

Because tonight and many other nights Daddy and I explore. We will explore it safely…

Tall, Dark and Dominant


See, there’s something about gripping her hair, yanking it backwards and whispering into her ear You listen here, you little slut. You’re going to suck my cock. I know you love cock so show me how. Devour it.

I love being filthy with my pet. It’s a chance to explore our darker personalities, where filth and vulgarity reside. Where she morphs into my little cum slut, my eager whore. ‘breasts’ or ‘boobs’ become ‘tits’. ‘pussy’ becomes ‘cunt’. She begs for my cock, she begs to play with my cock. She has told me on a few occasions how she desires to be degraded. To be insulted and ridiculed. Why is that? Why do we enjoy the degradation and brutality?

Because we all have darkness within us. We can’t deny that. We have as much darkness as we do light.
I consider myself a nice guy, standing for all things right…

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2 thoughts on “Humiliation and Degradation

  1. Even better this time around 😉

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