I desire and love to choke you darling.  With my hands around your neck.  With my cock shoved down your throat.  With my fingers probing your mouth.

 I love the control.   I love to see the fear in your eyes.   I love to watch the drool running down your face and body.   I love to feel your body convulse as your gag reflex betrays you.   I love the shivers that course through you as I give you a reprieve and allow you to breathe.   I love to feel your surrender to me as you relinquish complete control of your body, knowing that while I will push you further and further, I will not harm you, you are safe in my hands.

I use you for my own sadistic needs. I will choke you, I will hurt you, I will fuck you and leave you a drool, cum covered, broken little girl.   My girl.   My beautiful girl.   I look upon you with love, respect and awe of your broken beauty.

I desire and love to put you back together darling.

I love to wrap you in my arms so that you may feel safe once more.   I love to look into your eyes and see your deep beauty shine as you come back to me from the dark place that I have taken you.

I love to whisper in your ear and let you know how proud I am of you, my good little girl. I love to feel your need for me, for my touch and my voice.   I love to warm you and clean you.   I love to give you soft kisses on your little body.   I love the way you open yourself and that I am able to take care of you at your most vulnerable moment.

I love that the most violent of acts brings us to our most tender emotional state of closeness and connection.  I love that your touch opens my heart and breaks down my walls. I love to feel your arms around me, holding me, giving me comfort.

I love the feeling I have as the pain that fills my chest, my deepest most emotional love, pours out of me.   I love to feel my emotions choke me as I see you through eyes filled with tears.

I love My darling.

Written by: My Darlings Sir   (my Daddy)


7 thoughts on “Choke

  1. I need a Daddy to choke me like this

  2. Ahhhhhhhh!!! So beautiful!

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