A shocking hypothesis

…one morning little #1 and anonymous little exchanged a few txts.

Little #1…” I think Wilbear likes lambie.  we have baby lambs in our neighbors field.”  

“Going to a munch tonight”

anonymous Little “How fun!!!”   

Little #1.“Nice to meet your Big…btw”  ” sticking tongue out”

anonymous little: “I’m tired of being Big.”  “I am ready to be a princess again”

Little #1. whittles


then they talk about how it would be great to have a t-shirt that says I am tired of being BIG – ready to be a princess…. some OMGs are tossed around and of course the “I NEED THAT” with a plan to make it happen.  some google happens and stuff Then  Little #1 says, ” Now this is a strange one”  and sends a picture



anonymous Little: “ummmmmm. Yes. Tshirts would be fun.  Shoes no.

Little # 1: “Should I get the short or tall ones?”

anonymous Little: “Nonono”

Little#1: “There she is. hi (insert secret  name).  Go go goat boots.”

anonymous Little: “Those are awful! Who would wear those??!!

Little#1: “Not even a goat”


anonymous Little: “Giggles”


I told Daddy that I think you can shock the Big right out of someone but be careful cuz littles spook easy.  Do you see it right before your eyes?   It is just a hypothesis.  All that matters to me is it ended in giggles.  and anonymous little baby girl you are SO FREAKING CUTE…just saying (JS)


16 thoughts on “A shocking hypothesis

  1. MydarlingsSir

    You are going to look so sexy in your new goat boats babygirl….

  2. Giggles. Whatevs. Don’t you DARE get those awful boots. Tshirts need to be ordered, though.

  3. Goat boots!! Lol!!!!
    Hey you giggling littles, I got spanked coz of this! Well, I was getting spanked anyway, but the thought of goat boots just popped into my head and I laughed, and guess what? Yup, the wooden paddle – owie!!

    Darling, if anyone could make goat boots cute it would be you – I think the short ones, don’t you?

  4. No on the boots. Just no

  5. Those are very Baa- aa -aaad (said in a goat bleet) boots!! 😊

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