Want a unicorn? Drink water

I drank some magic.

magic water stuff

…Someone gave to me this beautiful cool clear liquid.   it gave me energy.  It made my skin glow.  I felt it’s grace as it went down my throat.  I wanted to know where i could more of this magical elixir.  It helps me see colors brighter, heals my body from Daddy’s pain, gives me natural glitter, keeps me cool.  It fills my belly up.  It makes those who love me happy.  IT IS WONDERFUL.  It is life for so many little creatures.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the mermaid aspect.

Someone then told me it was called water.  Suddenly I had all these excuses  reasons why i was unable to drink this “water”.

  • It was not cold
  • I was not going to be near a bathroom
  • I was not thirsty
  • ugh
  • Root beer tasted better
  • I am not human
  • I drank some yesterday
  • I will drink tea
  • It’s yucky
  • NO
  • I don’t want to
  • Coffee has water in it
  • I feel better already
  • I lost my bottle
  • It is in the freezer getting cold
  • I am a unicorn
  • I am a sock monkey
  • Sock monkey drank it all
  • Wilbear told me not to
  • I  lost count of how much i drank
  • I am not feeling well
  • I am sad
  • I am angry

Then i realized that water consumption is an indicator of overall health and mindset for baby girls/littles.  I cannot worry about everyone else and not take care of myself.  Even as I write this the water bottle is to my left and i sip the coffee to my right.  OMG.  Okay Okay.  Drinking it right now.  Honestly- it tasted good.  I feel proud.  I DRANK MY WATER.   Besides it makes pee play a lot better.  LOL  and it has a smell that unicorn’s like.  That’s right- unicorns love the smell of water.    there is the logic.   BAM



8 thoughts on “Want a unicorn? Drink water

  1. That’s quite the list of excuses lol… Recognize a few!
    Hmmm… Perhaps this unicorn mind trip magic will make the water go down 😄💜

  2. I’ll take this under advisement. Got my fruit ready for my infuser!

  3. Ha Ha, thanks for the giggle…you know me…I love water❤️💦❤️💧…but I enjoyed reading your excuses…and now I am going to keep my eyes open for that unicorn!!! Did you know a rhinoceros is just a chubby unicorn? 😉❤️

  4. Haha! I can totally identify with that!

  5. Love your list of excuses. LOL!

  6. Love this! You had me giggling…mostly because I could relate so well! lol

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