My Faithful Dom/Owner

soul bound

Maybe we all need a motive for living, a reason to strive, and someone to love.  You choose me to be your someone.

Dear Daddy,

I was that little angel who found you and took your hand.  I believed in you.

You told me you were not the man you knew you could be.  I said I would not judge you by your past rather by how you treated me.  I trusted and had faith.  I felt something from you; I looked inside.  My warmth sought out your darkness.

Have I appreciated you for your full worth today.?  Have I told you today?

I admire  your faithfulness. I respect you.    Every day you focus on the things that make us stronger.  You make sure we are bound and connected before you leave me for the day.  I am allowed to serve you coffee, watch you shower, taste your delicious man candy, and feel your hugs and voice.  I am allowed to give you my submission.

You spend your day making a living.  It is no fun waking up day after day and going to work.  Have I done anything today to make that better?  You alone are the provider.   This weight you carry on your shoulders.  You ask for support when you require it.   You are faithful to me in everything you do.  Thank you for working so hard to provide me with comforts and making it possible for me to stay home or help you at your business.  All your long hours, standing on your feet, back hurting, trying to take care of me and your business…exhausted from our play, from taking care of a little,  OMG Daddy you must need to breathe.  I am a lot of work, this relationship takes time and effort, it can be overwhelming at times.  I will be that jewel in your crown.

When the routine of everyday gets too much you are faithful and confide in me.    You allow me to recharge you.  To be the cool waters, the gentle breeze, and the angel at your side. 

When my past starts eating me alive.  When I am shut down and desperate for reality.  You are faithful to reach out for my hand when I have put my walls up. You are faithful to rescue me. 

You are consistent.  You are always trying to understand our relationship and help to improve it when needed. You don’t look else where or to other things when there is something unsatisfying in our relationship.  You are faithful to not run but stand firm.

This is one reason why I kneel at your feet.   This is one reason why I give myself to you.  I desire always to be bound to you, entwined, connected, and relaxed.

To serve, to love, to obey, to respect, and to be YOURS



19 thoughts on “My Faithful Dom/Owner

  1. MydarlingsSir

    This is beautiful….thank you darling….I love you little girl….My girl

  2. Exquisite. Truly beautiful words of adoration.

  3. Beautiful as always Darling. ❤ Your love and submission are truly beautiful, as are you as a person in general.
    I'm glad to finish my day reading you…. and fills my heart with hope for my own future.

  4. I know that I say this all the time but… BEAUTIFUL! And your submission to your Sir inspires me.

  5. I had to smile. Awesome.

  6. I love this so much. You two are gorgeous together. 💏


  7. This made me cry for being so tender, so real, so touching. If I was young again, and could start afresh, this lifestyle I just might look into. The trouble is, this life I have not ever found the man I could give my all, my Heart and Soul. You and your Dom give me Hope that there are men who know how to LOVE a woman. I’m not too sure if I could be a good submissive, though, for I believe in equality and I oh yes speak my mind. But to have someone care for me completely …. let me say this. I have not experienced this, having to be the strong one. How nice to be able to lean my weary head on someone’s chest, as I listen to that sacred sound of a Heart beat, knowing I have nothing to do but to be with my man and he would care for me. I would adore that man, and yes I could see myself kneeling before him in complete trust and gratitude. I’m also a bit bossy, liking things my way, so if I Dom could accept that about me, well, then maybe. You just really touched me over at Petals and I normally don’t bear my Soul like this, but I know you see me for some reason. And I feel safe. I have tears again in my eyes, this time as I “feel” your Loving presence. Thank you. Love, Amy ❤

    • MydarlingsSir

      My wonderful girl that wrote this beautiful blog for me is also a mature, intelligent, very strong and opinionated woman. Her submission to me is her choice. She works hard at it every day. It is not always easy for her. I am not an easy man to be with. I have plenty of faults. What makes this work for us is our commitment to one another, our relationship and this lifestyle. This was written at a time when she was struggling. That is the most beautiful thing that people do not get to know when they read it. On it’s own it is amazing, but when you know where she was emotionally at the moment she wrote this for me you understand the true depth of her submission. The desire she has to be mine in every way is deeper than words can ever express. I love this girl with all my heart and soul. Everything I do is done with her and our life together in mind.

      Thank you for your very kind reply to darlings post. I know she appreciates hearing that her words touch people. Please don’t think that our relationship is something that is not attainable. We work hard at it and that is what makes it so special. I believe it is possible for anyone at any age to find this kind of connection with someone. You just have to know that it will not always be easy. But it is worth every second of effort.

      Take care,
      darlings Sir

  8. This Is so sweet and lovely…thank you for sharing. ❤️

  9. Reblogged this on madamerotica and commented:
    I thoroughly enjoyed this. 🙂

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