Fears, imaginations, and a rest area story

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Daddy and his anal whore princess drive to the ocean.  A mile before the rest area Daddy makes the inquiry to stop or not to stop.   Baby girl reluctantly gives the “Yes” answer.   Just the other day we stopped at one and it was full of scary people.  I did not want to get out but Daddy made me.  There was pee on the toilet seat and 3 large flies in that bathroom stall.  It was super hot out too which ups the gross factor.

She surveys this rest area as they drive up.   Danger alert is on high.  Rest areas are notoriously scary.  That is where little girls get snatched and bad things happen.   Brave little girl walks to the scary little building.  It looks just like something she read about in the book ROOM which is about a girl being held captive for 7 years.

Daddy stations himself outside the bathroom to guard his property (standard procedure).  I go into the little rest stop potty looking back several times to make sure Daddy is watching.  Watching me every step.  Bad things can happen in a blink of an eye when someone is not watching.  “You are safe, he is watching”.

I take a look at Daddy before I open the door and step in.  I see movement and shadows in the big stall in front of me. “What was that?”  I saw a shadow moving just like in the movie legion.    Does not feel right.  “That looks scary”  My Big protector voice logically reasons it is just someone using the bathroom.  Little heart beating.  “This place is scary”.

I step into the only other little stall.  “It is way too quiet”.  “Why don’t I hear that person over there?”  I lean down to see if there are any feet over there.  “No feet, they have moved to front of the stall.”  They are hiding?  Do they live here? Mom said people live at rest area bathrooms.   I look down and the stall wall does not go very close to the ground and I am exposed to the possible danger of being grabbed by my feet and pulled under.   I drag my little white keds away to the other side which makes a sound on the cement.   The noise scares me.  Breathe. Focus.  I realize that was my own noise.  No time for silliness just good that was my own noise.  relief.

“I wonder if Daddy could hear me if I screamed his name?”  He is outside guarding me but the danger could be in here!.  “Does the front  door lock from the inside.”  I could get locked in.  That is what the thing in the next stall is probably going to do.  It is no longer a person just an entity that I must outsmart.  I just want to get this done fast.   I must be smart.  I stand up and start to pull up my shorts.   A loud noise WHOOSH -out of no where -and my heart is racing.  Then I realize it was the automatic flush.

Okay I have a plan: get to the door before someone locks me in this little stall, hits me from behind as I go out or worse locks the front door.

I make it to the front door and feeling safer finish buckling my belt before I step out.  “OMG” Eyes wide open. I see Daddy– still in his guard position.  Safety.

A quick look into one moment on a trip to the coast with darling….

As we are driving along I see a sign for a rest area, a park with potties. Knowing darling, I ask if she needs to stop and use the restroom. Indecision….quickly babygirl or we’ll miss the turn off. Umm…okay, yes Daddy, I need to go. We pull in and I assess the situation, two vehicles, one with a couple and a dog, one with an average looking male occupant just sitting in the car.  Looks okay to me but I know that it is already looking sketchy for darling.  She is not a fan of rest areas.
     Are you sure it is safe Daddy?  Yes babygirl, it is safe. I get out and open her door and walk up to the restroom building with her and watch as she goes inside. I am about twenty feet or so outside the door. Nobody enters. Two minutes later I hear a flush and darling exits. She is excited but not in a good way. I think she said, “I’m freaking out Daddy.” What happened I asked and she proceeds to tell me the horror story of The highway rest area restroom. Apparently someone evil was in the stall next to her and was trying to get her. Although darling thought there was movement in the stall, she never actually saw anyone or heard anyone. She told me all about it and I have to admit it sounded very scary.   Then she asked what I thought about what had happened. As we pulled out on to the highway, my reply was simple, “you have a very good imagination babygirl” and on down the road we went.
We had a great day that day and nobody was “taken”. Another successful adventure for Daddy and babygirl. But beware of the highway rest area restroom, they are very dangerous, at least to littles.

8 thoughts on “Fears, imaginations, and a rest area story

  1. YEA!!!! This is EXACTLY how I think in those bathrooms!! And I now carry antibacterial wipes to wipe the seat if I can spare the time. I hate those places. Germs AND kidnappers AND murderers. Everywhere. They snatch is like we are peanuts on the floor. Be careful!!

  2. I’m with you and WWA on this one. I hate those filthy scary places. 😨😱😓

  3. Me three. I won’t stop at one unless I have no other choice… I think I’d rather pee in some shrubs to be honest 🙂
    Scary yucky places. Danger high alert.

    • Yes, the ones here are not good…Calif has some nice ones but still an ordeal. Glad I am not alone in feeling the need for safety defcon level 3.. And your comment is cute as ever!!

  4. I love road trips…but I too am not a fan of those scary rest areas…I did however enjoy your story from both POV’s!!! 😃

  5. I love road trips with Daddy too..such adventure and closeness. :).

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