Relaxed Confidence in my Surrender

holding you

Little girl….

 You are strong. You have had to be. Your past is full of disappointment and pain. Men have hurt you in the most intimate ways. Trust, safety, love….they have all been broken by ones that you opened your heart to. You have put up your walls and built yourself a perfect little box to hid in. Stuffed it full of the ugliness that you did not want to feel and pretended that it was for the best. Maybe at the time it was. But that time has passed. There is no need for you to hide anymore. You are safe now.

Tell me your pain. Tell me your hurt and disappointment….even when I am the reason….especially if I am the reason.   I can handle it and so can you.   Show me your true strength as you sit at my feet and open your heart to me, exposing your most tender self so that I can hold you softly and ease your fears and pain.
 I want it.  I want your truth.  I want your happiness and the way to get that is by breaking down the walls that you have spent years building.
You thought you needed to keep your feelings to yourself and work through them. That is not how we do things.  That is not how our D/s works.   Open, honest communication is hard as hell.   You are not alone in thinking that the easiest thing to do is bury your feelings.   We both do it.   It is one of our biggest obstacles but we are getting better.   Our trust continues to grow and become stronger.   As does our belief in our love and commitment.
We have to fight always….together. Together we are twice as strong, twice as intelligent, twice as determined to do whatever it takes to have our perfect life. The dream is real. We are both living it….together.

 I love you girl. I will always love you.
 My Daddy is my world.  He does everything with our best interest in mind.   That takes alot of his energy.  It takes his time.  It takes a man of great honor and character.   This is why I kneel.
I swim in an atmosphere of peace, order, love, comfort, joy, and acceptance.  A realization i can depend on your love.  When sitting next to each other and reading our books is bonding.  When I can reach out and give you one touch and you hear my heart.
Relaxed confidence allows creative thoughts and insights.  Dreamy stuff.  Daddy’s tall strong body and his large hands.  I have watched him pick up a couch all by himself and carry it vertical.  I daydream about him.  His strong jawline.  His existence in my life.
I understand it is all about contrast.  The hardness of his body.  The delicateness, soft, and seductiveness of mine.
My surrender.  My relaxed confidence.  Exposing my most tender self.
I admire you Daddy,
your little darling
your angel
your property

12 thoughts on “Relaxed Confidence in my Surrender

    • Thank you. It is real..our struggles and successes… I recently sat at his feet while be told me it was safe and I told him dark fears. I wept. He made me feel safe. We grew…wrapping ourselves around each others very soul…I felt our hearts touch. I am just sure of it.

  1. Love. Love. Love ❤

  2. Oh, so much in love! Beautiful! 💖


  3. Such lovely words…thank you for sharing. ❤️

  4. Wow, this is trulya beautiful piece of work, your love and trust for each other and for him is awe inspiring, stunning

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