Take two stuffies and call me in the morning


Last night this is what Daddy sees as he looks down at his little girl.  I explain to him that stuffies have many uses:

  •  a thermometer (taking my temperature)
  • face mask
  • headache take awayer
  • sexy
  • eye cover while Daddy reads

Wednesday night was supposed to be play night….and we watched TV.   I didn’t torture darlings pretty little body. I didn’t use her holes for my pleasure. We watched TV….and it was great.

This last week or so has taken a lot out of darling and she was exhausted. We had a great visit from her little friend Angel and her Daddy that was very emotional for darling.   Previous to that we played over the weekend. We play a lot and it leaves darling physically drained as well as emotionally. She had a headache and some other aches and pains that may or not have been caused by me. So last night when it was time to play we talked and I made the decision to watch TV.   Not so long ago this would have been disappointing to both of us but not this time.

     We cuddled up on the couch and turned on one of our new favorite shows. We had a yummy snack of strawberries and angel food cake. It was wonderful and we went to bed feeling close and connected.
 This morning as we laid in bed, drinking coffee, talking and reading our books, darling gets up, goes over and closes the bedroom door.  I look up and see her cute little smile that says I’m feeling playful and hungry Daddy.
And so we played, we made love, our way of course. She sucked me, her drool running all down my cock and balls.  She sat up and looked down at me with drool all over her beautiful face and I had to have her.
 I sat up and pushed her down onto the bed.   Knowing what I wanted, she got on all fours and pushed her ass up in the air and I took her hard, feeling her wetness as I sank myself deep into her.  I flipped her over onto her back and pulled her arms down by her sides as I slid myself back into her.   I pulled her hair and gripped her throat.   Bending her in two, I spread her legs apart and pushed them down into the bed next to her body.
I saw the pain in her eyes and thrust myself into her harder. Rising onto my feet, I used my knees to spread her legs even further apart. I gripped her tits in my hands and squeezed hard causing darlings face to contort and her head to shake back and forth from the pain I gave her. Harder and harder I fucked her as I continued to push her legs wider apart and squeezed her tits tighter until I came deep inside of her.
So, we did not play last night….and that is okay. In fact is is more than okay, it is wonderful, because we did what was right for us and that is what this is all about.
It isn’t about the sadistic pain I give to darling and it isn’t about the kinky sex. It is about our connection and how we do things to make that connection stronger. Last night it was about watching TV and cuddling with a yummy snack.    This morning it was about a really hard fucking that I gave to darling before leaving for work.
Right this moment it is about me writing this for darling so that she knows just how important she is to me and that she is My girl and will always be Mine.
Everyday, as we grow closer and more honest, more safe and committed, we better learn how to strengthen our connection….and our loves grows stronger.



3 thoughts on “Take two stuffies and call me in the morning

  1. I love the stuffie uses. Good list. Illustration was helpful too.

    I also like connection story. It is important to connect in ways that draw us closer. Those are unique to every couple and they should be.

    That said, your daddy has to stop giving mine evil ideas. The end.

  2. That’s what you did BEFORE going to work ?!? Oh my!


  3. Who knew stuffies were so versitile…and what a nice way to start the work day!!! 😊

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