Blog friends are Real but not all are furry

blog friends

Wilbear still, even with her on her way, had the littlest doubt that she was real.  It was not gonna happen. It might surprise you but I am the logical one-not wilbear.   Wilbear has decided that he tells stories better than I (darling) so I will give the keyboard over to him now. 

When darling started planning this caper I was excited and gave her all kinds of ideas.  I may have even planted the idea -really- does it matter?  I watched her anticipation as the days grew closer and the hour.  She cleaned the house but then her Daddy said she must rest.  Sir and darling went to an erotic humiliation class on Sunday and it was going to be an exciting week.    Darling left me at home but kitty and stewart went with Darling and Sir to meet her blog friend. It gave me a chance to clean up the room anyway.

Darling adores her friends.  ALL Of Them. We have a whole village of people here-including a minion named Dave.  I like to think that I am closest to her heart but “Daddy” takes that spot.  I have found that there is plenty of room for everyone.  Meow- sweet silver kitten too.  She does not share alot easy and has invested in a few sparkly friendships.  This Angel girl is one of them.  I think Angel is adorbs.  She is sassy but quite   wild mild and beautiful in person. shhh. don’t ruin her reputation. she might cut me.

Daddy just drug wilbear off the keyboard and says I must write.  Something about pawning.  I think he meant pawing.  Angel’s wrote about our meeting and I will touch on the after effects.   I got scared when my friend left.  I started to cry as we said our goodbyes but it shut off.  Maybe it was going to be too overwhelming.  My protector shut it down.  Later in bed Daddy asked me if I was okay and I gave him that sad little look and mustered a Yes.  All i hoped was that it was not a one time thing.   Abandonment is so scary.  It has always been so real in my life.   Letting someone into your heart can be scary but I urge you to do it.  I have and I am so happy for it.  I am brave.  I am strong.  I have not had my big cry yet and I am full of emotions.  I feel it tight in my chest.  It is coming.  Daddy will make sure of that or she will.

I met the infamous Wild West Angel and her Daddy when they came to town for a visit last week. It was great to meet them both. They are wonderful people.
I was very excited for darling to finally meet one of her little friends. Since we started this journey and discovered that there are others like darling, she has desired to make friendships with someone. Over the last year darling has formed a couple of wonderful online friendships but she has craved more. Her friends live many states away and although she texts and even occasionally talks with them on the phone(this is apparently very hard for littles), she has desired to meet her friends. It was beautiful to see darling and Angel together. To see the look in their eyes as two like souls hugged one another and cried tears of joy was beautiful. For darling to have that time with her friend made me very happy.
Obviously my priority is always darlings happiness and well being. Having the opportunity for her to meet one of her friends was important. It was also very scary. She has been hurt by friends in the past and now when she starts a friendship with someone she is cautious but once she feels safe and invests herself they will have a friend for life if they desire. I think these two little girls have a long life of silliness ahead of them. As do Angels Daddy and I.
I want to thank Mr HH for going out of his way to bring Angel to meet darling. Although I believe that he, like me, would have done whatever it took to give his girl the opportunity to meet her friend. I enjoyed meeting him very much and am happy to say that I feel like I too have a new friend.
Angel, you are a joy. Thank you for being a wonderful friend to darling. You make her days so much better. Keep being a handful to your Daddy and I will keep giving him devious, despicable ideas to do to you. You and your Daddy are very special and I feel lucky that darling and I have you in our lives.
Darling, I am so very happy that you were able to meet your friend. I know how important it was to you. I know of one more friend(hello Cinn) that you need to meet and look forward to that day.

I love you babygirl and want you to always remember that I will do anything in my power to make your life happy and filled with the same wonderful joy that you fill mine with.


17 thoughts on “Blog friends are Real but not all are furry

  1. I’m way cuter than WWA 🙂 Lol.
    Super jealous but I’m glad you two met. Two very special and awesome girls. And since you came around, Angel doesn’t pretend she’s not a little anymore. Lol

  2. Right up until I looked into your eyes, I didn’t think it could happen. I wasn’t sure you were real! And then we just fell into our conversations so naturally, as if we had grown up together. I was immensely relieved. I was scared too. What if our Daddies didn’t hit it off? What if we didn’t have anything new to talk about? What if this was just too much for us both and we did our normal retreat? Our friendship was so fragile and yet had so much potential. I was sick to my stomach over the whole thing. Then I was sad all the way home. Daddy kept asking if I was ok. Our time was just so amazing. We clicked so easily. Our Daddies talked and talked and we didn’t have to do ANYTHING! Our kids had fun! We had fun!

    Mr. D, I know that it was a risk you took allowing us to meet, and I thank you for your trust. My daddy feels the same about your friendship and he is sorry he will be unable to read anymore of your devious texts due to a RARE heredity fungal eye disease leaving him blind over night…it’s very sad, but I will read him what you write, WORD FOR WORD. I promise. Pinky swear.

    You are right; my daddy will move mountains to make me happy and getting to spend an entire day with my friend was an unexpected gift. Even better was finding that her Daddy was pretty dang awesome as well, although his devious ways should be kept secret. Not shared with anyone else. Like any other Doms. Or stuffies.

    Now, I’m saying that I am not wild or sassy. I am SPIRITED. Cinny will back me up. I rest my case.

  3. Meow meow! 😅
    (BIG little hugs) 💛💜❤

  4. LOL! I mean, poor you. 😆
    I’m not sure why I couldn’t reply directly to your comment above.

    • Lol!! My daddy sputtered when I read my response to him (fungus eyes and all). He threatened poor little me!! The. He said his phone could speak all texts to him so his FUNGAL disease wasn’t a problem. Hmmmmm….forgot about that feature. Just hoping Mr. D doesn’t go through with any evil plan that will result in my downfall. I thought it was a fungi problem, after all. Touchy Doms!

  5. sounds like fun for all

  6. Faith, trust, and pixie dust

    I’m soooooooo happy that you guys got to meet!!! One day we all will get to meet and have boundless amounts of giggling!!!!! I know for me, meeting my catwoman was one of the very best things I have ever done!! And now she’s become one of my best little friends ever!!!! I can’t wait to meet the rest of you. Now that I look at it, if u hadn’t written Darling, two years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am and have found such amazing friends and my Daddy. It’s all so exciting!!! Makes me so happy you and WWA met!!!

  7. So happy for you all meeting finally…you and WWA both are quite entertaining to read thank you for the giggles…and as always hearing from Wilbear is a nice treat!!!

  8. Aaawww, such a sweet post. So glad you were able to meet up and enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

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