disclaimer: I am not a brat.  I am sir’s little darling.  Implied goodness. 

I like Disney Land but SOME peoples don’t.  I think they like a different kind a land.  A sassy place where you wear sassy pants and drink sassy tea.   Their sassy level might get them a fastpass for the  get your face slapped ride, a DP boat, and other fun stuff.

The important thing to remember is they are adorable even while cloaked in sassy attire.  They know how to work this sassy thang.  Mrs. Sassy says, “Sassy only works if Daddies are in the right mood.  Otherwise it’s called bratty and you get spanks.”   

There are beautiful princesses in SassyLand.  You can go and get all dressed up and the Sassy Daffodil Princess and her fairies will give you tips on Sassy.  “Sassy has sly eyes, and anime eyes, and pouty faces…sprinkle in giggles”.    I like the leg kick myself.  


Now notice that if you remove the S from sassyland you get Assy Land.  @ssyLand to be proper.   This is also where some peoples likes to go. (coughing  a name under breathe)  Lots of Ass words are used and dreamed up here.  This is home to the infamous Ass hat.     Like Walt’s dream engineers the sassy girls are very creative.   Interesting how the Sassy folk added douche canoe, dick monkey, and twat waffle.   Proper attire for Assy Land now includes grumpy pants.  

Now some Good Girls use the McAssHat to soften it up.  You don’t get the  super sizing effect of the sassy with the McGood Girl technique.

Some Sassy girls get teased by McDaddies.  Some crafty Sassy Girls are relentless and wicked smart.  Some sassy littles are sassabulous.  sittles.

….a little fairy told me about Sparkle Land and Glitter World,  and Pet Paradise- all places I will have to research.  Wilbear is working on those.

Just Saying



32 thoughts on “SassyLand

  1. Sounds like fun to me! 😉

  2. I followed you to Sassyland, but then I’m afraid I got a bit lost. I’m sure my Daddy will help me find my way out though. 😉

  3. I think I may know the QUEEN of Sassyland 😉😈😘

  4. Alder says he thinks our house is the Sassyland Embassy in the UK.
    Ooh, that would mean that I get diplomatic immunity! Result! 😜


  5. Wish I could get to sassy instead of bitchy. Sigh. Lost it last night, yelled at him. Not what I do… usually I pout, sulk, withdraw. He was shocked.

  6. Reblogged this on wildwestangel and commented:
    Just have to save this post by my sassy friend, Darling. She’s a sneaky one sending me texts all day to do research…

  7. sassy includes pigtails…. just sayin’

  8. I want a notification when Sassyland opens! I will be there for the grand opening! Giggle!

  9. Faith, trust, and pixie dust

    Giggle where the cute little pixies are from huh??? lol I am pretty sure I was born in assy…. I mean sassy land too gahahaah

  10. Sassyland sounds like a fun place to visit…Is Wilbear the main mascot of Sassyland kind of like a certain mouse??? Can’t wait to read what Wilbear discovers about those other places!!!

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