Admiring my Sir

male cock

Even when i picture my Sir as a boy it is a very masculine image.  Like a peacock with his plumage out standing over me-wait that is a different story… I will stick to the original storyline.

I think in his early years he found his freedom, from a maternal black cloud, outside and inside his creative mind.  He raced motorcycles, had adventures in the woods, and crafted his skill at drawing.  He grew his Independence.   The unfortunate lesson of learning to do things for yourself because if you rely on others they can and will hurt you.  If you allow them to do things what happens when they stop doing them.  Pain.

I think we learn over and over that people can and do disappoint us.  Life lessons- depend on yourself.  Now he has me- woman who desires to please him.  He has had to learn to let me do things for him.

He faced so many problems: childhood pains of living with a passive aggressive mother, a dysfunctional family (like most all of us), parents divorcing, loss of his father and step father, drugs to fill emptiness and dull the pain, coming to learn he had a proclivity for extreme kink, and his own bad relationships and divorces.  He had to face his failures as we all do.

I want him to focus on his successes.  I want him to know he is a success.

So who is he?  Who is he to me?  He is my world.  I have surrendered to him all that I am.  Our relationship is his success.  I am his success.  He is his own success.  

It is all the things in his life that he has overcome that give me great reason to admire him.  Today he is a true Man in every sense.  He is a successful business Owner who has run his shop all by himself. He has given me the opportunity to share that thing that is all his.  He allows me to work with him. He shows me everyday how much he trusts me.

He has the characteristics I desire for a Husband: honest, hard working, loyal, open, strong, protective, smart, emotional, real, and a sexual God I can legitimately scream out to.

Handsome, sweet, funny, and tall.   Strong.  Handsome.

He is the man who shows me his emotion, his vulnerabilities, his true self, his core.  He allows me to look into his soul. He lets me dig deep into his wicked sadistic tendencies.  He lets me bond myself to him. He wants my light.  He needs it.  He has gifted me with being HIS Angel.

I have watched him become more and more what he wants to be.  I have felt his struggle with being my Leader.  I do not have a submissive personality.  I am HIS Submissive but I am a strong woman who is a little girl.  I am a sexual creature whose appetite is made ravenous by him.  I crave him always.  The more he gives- the more I want.  The Man must be exhausted most of the time.

I have knelt and kissed his feet.

I have felt the sweet pain of loving him and the wonderful joys of being his girl.

I tell the world, “I admire this man. He is 100% Man.  He is MY Man.”



9 thoughts on “Admiring my Sir

  1. Thank you babygirl. As I sat here at work reading this with you standing behind me, your hands on my shoulder and feeling your body against me, I felt my emotions swell inside. Had we been alone I would have broken down and fell into your arms so that I could soak in the love I felt from your words. I love you so much darling. More than I can ever say or show. Thank you.

  2. He’s a pretty great guy, I can attest to the characteristics he showed while I was in his company and more that I see in his care for you. His journey is an amazing testament to his inner strength, character, and diligence to rise above circumstance and consequence. I’m proud to know him too!

    • WWA….Thank you for your kind words….it means a lot. You’re a great friend to darling and I am proud to know you as well.

  3. Such a beautiful strong emotional connection you have. Thank you for sharing.

    • I have such admiration for his strength. Why is it difficult to convey it in words? Perhaps I need to practice this skill. I do know that kneeling for him is a wonderful way to convey my emotion. I am touched that you sense our bond. I had to ask Daddy what I wrote that someone could get that. I often don’t see it in my words. Thank you for sharing. The comments are wonderful eye openers in so many ways. Yes, a wonderful emotional connection!!

      • I can’t ever get the feelings to translate into words that do them justice.

        Oh I sense it in all your posts. From the both of you. Even some of the activities that you do that may seem scary to me are written so beautifully. I can feel the emotional connection it brings you both.

  4. A relationship we all aspire to! How lucky and blessed you both are that you have found one another. A beautiful post. ♥

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