Happy Birthday Daddy

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I was worried because I did not have a birthday banner hung or presents wrapped.  I had spent the weekend as his little fuck toy.  Not much else got done.  I have failed, he will think I don’t care, world is ending…

I was still feeling used up and sore from the long weekend but I ended up laying against that wonderfully strong body of his.  That was all it took.  He filled me full of his fingers and I was nothing but his toy.  The toy he loves.

Daddy took me and I gave, I opened up, I surrendered.  I was lost in him. Afterwards in his primal excitement he breathed those precious words, ” you are the best gift i have ever had.”

I melted again.

We both grew closer in that quiet moment.

This man who has honored his commitment to me.  This man who is becoming Master.   The one who watches over me.   Whom I am to learn and practice submission and giving of all I am.

I am so deeply in love with you Daddy.  What words can I find to convey my emotions?  Is this why I long to give myself over so completely to your desires?  To be consumed…to kneel and kiss your feet.

To be used in all your despicable ways.

To give myself

To take your instruction perfectly


to be the sparkle in your eyes




8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daddy

  1. Happy birthday to Mr. D (he can decide what the D stands for) lots of glitter and sparkles thrown around for you!!!!🎉🎊💥🎇🎁🎂🎄🎏🎈

    • Thank you wwa. The day was amazing thanks to my incredible girl. The day started laying in bed with darling and is currently ending in the same way. What a wonderful birthday….and a wonderful life. Thank you babygirl for always being Mine.

  2. Happy birthday, Mr Darling, Sir!

    Big love to you both!
    Ash and Alder

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