darlings lips

I AM a lipstick kinda girl because I am somewhat of a girly girl and HIS girl.   I like to keep my nails and toes painted too.  I prefer the pink  that looks  like the color of my lips but sometimes Daddy likes Red.  I also wear the lip puffer stuff and or glitter.  Daddy likes shiny.   Even in the dungeon… The one thing I ALWAYS wear is CARMEX.

Every one of my 150,623 coats have a tube. (rain coat, leather, furry, hoodie, big, little, cute, ugly, and even the one that has a growth on it that makes my butt look funny).   Carmex can be located in all my 784.9 purses.   I admit they also have a lot of other stuff in them but that makes them ready to go.  Right?  Who cleans their purse out completely?

Mrs Beeps and HK lip balm

Introducing Mrs. Beeps

All my stuffies use Carmex. Wilbear is Pro Carmex and won’t wear chapstick.  He is anti chapstick.  I am not allowed to say chapstick around him or he has a fit.  He growls at the mention of it.

I have emergency tubes in the bathroom, on Daddy s side of the bed and he carries one in his pocket when we travel.    Carmex can be found under every dresser in the house. The cats knock them off my night stand.   I The cats loose gobs of Carmex–This makes Daddy grumpy unhappy.

Daddy invented the “Check out system” for Carmex.  He took all the carmex and I must ask to check it out and I have to give it back after i use it.  Ugh.  This became not so fun for Daddy once he realized how often I checked it out.  I may have taken advantage of that situation and now we both have gobs of carmex.   YAY!

At Halloween we give out Carmex for tricks treats.  Santa puts a three pack in several of my sock monkey stockings.

Carmex is part of my before, during, and aftercare.  The best part is when Daddy applies it to my lips. My lips can get very dry during our play and it has become a part of our play.

Mrs. Beeps

When I use Carmex I always look this McSexy.

(lip balm wars) raining carmex


12 thoughts on “Carmex

  1. OMG Next time please put a disclaimer on your post: One should not get really wired on coffee/ice cream drink and then read this while in the chiropractor waiting room.
    The giggles cannot be contained! Love it!

  2. I would never ever, in the slightest amount, at the most needed moment, even consider, putting chap stick on your perfect little soft lips darling. It’s carmex or nothing for My girl. Chap stick…..phftttt!!! GO TEAM CARMEX!!!!!!

  3. It’s ON!! Lip softener war is ON!!!

  4. Ooh. Carmex – tingly!


  5. 3 things I learned from this post…
    1. You like Carmex
    2. You have a lot of purses
    3. You have even more coats, ha ha…fun post thanks for the giggle.
    It was nice to meet Mrs. Beeps too…❤️

  6. Wow! That’s a lot of purses! This post made me giggle. 😄

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