couch art

Soooo, We do this thing called “couching”.

Couch hunting.

I don’t know why people even bother to put a “free” sign on some of them.  Isn’t it clear that a couch sitting on the sidewalk is a come and get it?  And really some of these are only going to be gotten by someone who is not going to necessarily walk up and ring your doorbell to ask how much for the new found friend.

Couching is not just a see it and snap shot it.  Blerts happen excitedly.  There are long discussions as to how it got there, what is wrong with it, who will take it, how long it will be there….Maybe there has been a fight- will someone be sleeping on it tonight? Did it fall off a truck?  Do they even know?  endless possibilities.

Giving the abandoned a story.

It is creative little and Daddy working together in a big ball of fun.  Yah, kinda like a lemur ball.

I don’t spend a great amount of time having conversations with my boobs (kayla), I am not a K&P fetlebrity, I don’t have a home improvement show,  I don’t live by the bay, I am not named after a tree, I don’t have a photography studio, Daddy does not let me visit SassyLand, I also don’t even know if I have a talent.

I do, however, go couching with my Daddy.  I can give hope to those abandoned, whose story might not otherwise be told.

Couching with Daddy- just another little thing about us.




16 thoughts on “Couching

  1. things I never thought of

    • Hi! I don’t have a point system so it really has become a “together” thing. I am considering a yellow sticker like they do for autos when they been there too long…(one moment while I tell Daddy)..Daddy- DAdeee we need a yellow sticky thing..:)……

  2. You should write these down. Become an author. Or a couch princess.

  3. You are one of the funniest people I know. I love your posts.

  4. I think you have a talent for being poetic. Everything sounds so beautiful coming from you. Also, you are warmhearted and easy to talk to because you make complicated concepts a lot easier to understand. ❤💛💜

  5. You never fail to surprise me! ☺


  6. I haven’t had to talk to my boobs in a while. I have, however, pretended to juggle them and swung them around (while I’m on my knees) while wiggling my butt.

    Couching sounds fascinating. 🙂 And, reading this post, yes you have a talent – it’s called expressing yourself through the written word. Just sayin’…

  7. @sweet silver kitten That is incredibly sweet. Wow!!!
    …I think you just get my little thoughts too. Giggles

  8. Funny stuff…couching never heard of that before, learned something new today!!! 😊

  9. […] my job unless I am asked.  I am busy playing the “clown car” game and of course O/our couching game.   I bet his whiskers tickled Daddy’s […]

  10. […] my job unless I am asked.  I am busy playing the “clown car” game and of course O/our couching game.   I bet his whiskers tickled Daddy’s […]

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