projects, structure and protocol: three mechanisms for 24/7 d/s

This is the basics but said very eloquently…”Protocol is a moment-by-moment shaping of behaviour and “flavouring” of interaction that keeps the power relations concrete and tangible at all times.”

Sex Geek

And here’s your next instalment in the “Joys of 24/7 Living” series. Okay, so I’m not writing a series, but I’m starting to think maybe I should! Today’s thoughts are about projects, structure and protocol.

I’ve been musing about these ideas for several weeks now. Y’know, it’s kind of funny how in some ways, D/s or M/s relationships are sort of like regular relationships on steroids—added intensity and added consciousness. I’m not trying to do that “our relationships are sooo much more exciting than your paltry vanilla relationships” thing that so many kinksters like to do; I’m just pointing out that the degree of deliberate, explicit and concerted effort that I put into my D/s relationships is way beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced in a non-D/s context. It’s actually an enormous amount of work. The payoff happens to be spectacular and it is to my taste—I wouldn’t be willing…

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