Surrendering Attention

Sir and darling

I want to take you in deep; practice my skills.

Watch your face as I drink you down; absorbing every morsel

Giving my attention, leaning in to take a sip of you; letting you intoxicate me more as I move from your eyes to your lips to your hands…

Concentrating: my senses fine tuned, focused, not just on what you are saying but on the Man who is saying it.   How you develop your ideas as you talk.  The mental power as your thoughts are in motion swirling around me in a creative eddy.

It is not the conversation; it is the Man talking.  Moral code, devotion to your ideas, intelligence, enthusiasm, and attitude.  The rhythm of tone, the building and rise of your voice until your energy fills me, the animation, your climax and wit.

Your words vibrating to the pulse of Manliness.  Listening I hear your loyalty and courage, how you play with words, everything falls up and down, sways, and we dance.

Surrendering Attention: not about being right or wrong.  It is about seeing your Manliness.  Absorbing all the best in you.  Opening and becoming one.

You give me hope, today is always a new day- it is whatever we choose.  You give me opportunity to give my attention to you, to be entwined and bound to you, to breathe happiness and faith in you.  To show you there is no futility in your ideas.

Thinking of how I admire your manliness- when I knelt and you took my little face in your hands and watch tears run down my face.  You let me tell you I hurt; you heard my fear.  I felt a cool waterfall: strong and steady as I clutched your thighs.  The calm of your words” you are all I desire”.  The excitement and rush as you held my face and told me to open and take you in.

Your reassurance.

My awareness, acceptance, and faith.  It is how last night when I was hurt and in a mood you reached out.  That one little touch that gave me safety.  I felt my wall coming down.

I am in awe of the meaningfulness of your touch to calm me.



13 thoughts on “Surrendering Attention

  1. Your love is beautiful ❤️

  2. What poetry in your thoughts here. Xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. I feel this. I have issues with listening because my thoughts not only multiply, but I feel the need to multitask, dividing myself instead of giving my entire attention…I needed this thought provoking piece, thank you. ❤

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