Messy Closet Poll

closet capers

closet capers

It may appear messy and disorganized in this picture but notice how I have cute babygirl attire to distract Daddy from the actual closet?  shhhh.   I was trying to draw his eyes up.

Soooo, I am trying to pack and having a difficult  painstaking making progress slowly.   I am suppose to be done tonight because We leave tomorrow for a vacation.  I am going to littleville (the wild west version).    Daddy- I am almost done- that was just little logic.  not daddy stuff. 

Daddy informed me that when we return my closet was going to change.  I know this means “closet control”.   I think after everything is done i will have to withdraw my nomination for messiest closet not that it is a contest.

Daddy does not really do capers he does control.  Wilbear and I do capers.

Daddy and I are very excited for this adventure.  He deserves a vacation.  He really does not take much time off cuz he is a business owner.  I am excited as well.  I have done the important things like my nails, wash blanky, pack lots of clothes, and stay in my mindset.  Daddy gave me a facial this morning.

I hear that we have to pass through customs to the state that is a country?  But that may just be someone who is directionally challenged.  Not saying.

I will go to my first hockey game, see lots of beautiful fall colors, and get lots of spankings.   I think this is going to be a special bonding time for Daddy and I.

I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful peoples through this blog.  I love to hear from everyone.  I actually need this resource for my submission.


21 thoughts on “Messy Closet Poll

  1. that sounds super exciting – have fun!!

  2. Safe travels…have a great time…is Wilbear traveling with you?😊

  3. It is not admissible to mention customs and this must be suppressed. Lawyer client privilege is invoked.

    This closet is obviously organized as evidenced by the white wire racks visible behind the babygirl in ruffles, as well as the clothes hanging neatly on hangers. I rest.

    I need a nail consult as mine look like a 3 year old painted them. And also, Lambie tried to help me. Hooves are not well suited to holding nail polish brushes.

    Littleville has been advised of your arrival and appropriate measures have been taken. Please be advised that the stuffies have not cooperated on the house cleaning and there is a baby birthday party then a hockey game tomorrow night. I will try to get them on board, but they have threatened to unionize. Something about wage equity and the right to sleep on the bed…

    Be careful on your trip, don’t forget Wilbear, don’t forget Carmex (for the war), don’t forget Dallas-wait, she’s mine-, ummmmm don’t forget sock monkey notebook for recording clues during capers. And don’t forget your Daddy. He is very important. Oh, and Tango 7.

    Squeeeeeee!!!!! 2 more sleeps until hockey! And capers! And glitter! And cuff consultation! And nails! And bowling! And cooking show! And Rock Band! And Dance Off! And andandandand!!!!!

    Daddy says I hafta go to bed now. Boo. I have more to say. Xoxo

  4. So excited for both of you! Have lots of fun, Darling and WWA. 😄👏

  5. WWA

    The clothes hanging in the background and the cute babygirl belong to me. The pile of booths and other debris on the floor belong to the aforementioned babygirl. This picture is filled with deception to hide the chaos happening elsewhere in the closet.

    Tango 7 is loaded and ready for launch. There may also be a couple items for your Daddy in my goody bag. Bwahaha….

    Wilbear has been no help in getting ready for this trip.

    • Ummmmm, Mr. D, my daddy will just be happy to see you. He will not NEED any surprises.

      And, I’m sure you have misjudged Wilbear’s assistance. He is always very helpful.

  6. Pile of clothes, not booths. Although who knows what you’ll find in this messy closet.

  7. So happy and excited for you and Angel! 💜💚💙
    Have a sparkly time!


  8. Sounds like a plan for a fun vacation! Enjoy! (all of you)

  9. ALMOST HERE!!! Hurry tomorrow!! Don’t hit a moose.

  10. With the greatest of respect, your ass 😉 has me well ‘excited’!

  11. Have fun. Outfits like that would distract any man.

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