Okay to Need Little alot – Super random post


Apparently I need little alot.  I need tea parties by txt with cute sweet silver kitten.   I need words and WWA’a dick shun airy.  I need coloring and glitter and fairies.  I need little bugs and BIG hugs.  I need new friends.  I NEED DADDY.

Oh yah, before I forget, Introducing my new friends piggy and Peppa Pig (above).  I have all of Peppa’s friends but did not have Peppa until Daddy and I found her on our vacation.  Squeeeeeee!   The little piggy needs a name.  She came from Jo Ann fabric and is WWA approved.  Ideas?   right now I just call her wp.

That reminds me -Daddy has this new thing with calling me his little piggy.  It is very cute-I mean look at Peppa right?  although I think he has devious plans.

Do you ever question if you are little?  Do you ever just wonder where did little go?  Do you ever wonder if BIGS can understand?  ugh all i know is I need little time and like minded friends ALOT.  So I encourage comments and readers reaching out  (RRO) because this is my main way to meet others.   It helps me grow…no grow up…….lol  and for tieme8 I included lots and lots of dots.  giggle

Sometimes being little means yes- always put two different kinds of chocolate chips in the cookies?

All I do know is I do best when I am ME.  I do best when I am free.

Also I should make a note that twice my Daddy has referred to Peppa and her friends as characters.  This was met with a humph and I really think that should be in the Daddy handbook.  Maybe that page got torn out.   He is so handsome I smiled when he was not looking.

Super random post not a contest on randomness.     

Need some help….Help me name my new pig. 






23 thoughts on “Okay to Need Little alot – Super random post

  1. Faith, trust, and pixie dust

    Daisy Mae!!!

  2. she’s so cute!! i’m horrible at names though. I am partial to tigers. 🙂
    of course i wonder those things. Daddy and I are just starting to figure this out. i always wonder if i will be too much for him.

    • . I can say to stay in the present- is very helpful. if i go into the future thinking then sometimes I worry that I am too needy or to much but the best thing in the world is to be reassured that he is Daddy and he likes me needing him. I like tigers too. roarrrrr.

  3. Petunia Piggy…🐽🐷🐽🐷🐽…I used to collect piggies when we first got married, you would not believe the pig stuff I was given…my license plate back then said “lilpigy”…so glad you found Peppa Pig, to go with all her friends.

  4. I do not question if I am little. I am not little. SOME of my friends think I am more little, but they are confused about my bigness.

    I only need tea, fabric, Daddy, and friends. Not in that order. Daddy and tea are tied for first place.

    Seriously, I actually need work to feel balanced. I need to feel strong and capable outside of my gender or relationship role. It is a vastly different need from my need to be submissive to Mr. HH. It’s as if there are two distinct sides of me and both must find equal fulfillment in order to maintain my whole. I’m not sure that makes sense.

    As I get farther on this journey, I do find that I have times when I am more vulnerable and carefree than at others. I jam that side of me tightly inside when I am in work-mode. If I do not have an opportunity to express that regularly, I get bitchy.

    • You’d better reply to me or I will report you to the uNicorn Club board of directors AND the stuffies.

      • You have a huge smart brain and need an outlet for it. Balance- yes I understand. It makes complete sense. I struggle with that need to go back into my profession. We are still vulnerable at work but we have protector professional Woman up front and she does not have time for vulnerable while she is strategically planning. Vulnerability to outsiders just gets in the way. It is there though so Yah i guess “jam” it down is a good description,
        Sometimes being little means yes- always put two different kinds of chocolate chips in the cookies? well I know the answer to that one.

      • Always 2 kinds of chocolate chips.

  5. Piggy! 👏👏 Yes to all of your questions. And…

  6. Okay, so my phone is not telling me if the Emojis are showing…😡 I hope they are!

  7. You are just too cute! Your sweetness runneth over. You really make me smile! ❤

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