The Value of Friendship

 I asked her to guest blog and was ready to accept no for an answer BUT she said Yes! Squeeeee-My little heart was excited because it meant to me that she cared.  She always tells me to just be me.   It is very fitting that the topic my friend wrote about is friendship. She is a beautiful woman who is a devoted slave to her Master.  I know we all will identify with and appreciate her words. 

Life moves forward no matter if you want it to or not.  Friendships do the same, but not always with the outcome that you hope for.  Those cherished dear people also experience life changes and their paths don’t always stay near yours.  You lose people who were important to you.  You reflect on “could I have done something?” or “what did I do?”  Mostly, the answer would be you could have done nothing to keep that friendship, and you find yourself just left with some memories.  Everything moves forward and not always on the same path.

 So, with everything else you keep going.  One foot in front of the other.  You stretch your comfort zone.  You do things to meet others and keep looking at every new person you speak with to see if maybe there is some type of connection.  You spend a lot of time and effort in looking as you remember how happy it made you feel to have a special friend(s) to count on.  Now, don’t get this confused with finding that “Special One” that life partner, this is totally different.  This is the need for a friend to share friend things, compare notes, and make you laugh when you find yourself down.   It is such a wonderful feeling to know and have friends.  Those people that you just want to do simple things like hang out and chat or dress up and go out.  Just like horses, there is a desire to be in a herd, or part of a pack like a dog.  Having people you can count on.  Family by choice.

 Then bam, without even a fanfare of horns, you meet someone and find that special “sparkle” that says FRIEND.    Now count your blessings and remind that person you are always there for them as they are for you.

written by my friend Ruby Godsky


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