Whatevs Wednesday

I have been asked, “what did you and your little friends txt about today darling?”  Well I can’t always tell him everything because of the rules of the unicorn club and babygirl code.   I let him know I had some serious topics, put out some fires, or was advised myself.   I am often advised.   Most days I spend some quick time just being me.

Daddy is always there for me when I need him.

txting humor


babygirl txting

Still need a name for my gang.     Please help.


24 thoughts on “Whatevs Wednesday

  1. darling….isn’t unicorn club a gang already?

    WWA…..Why a fist? Does that mean something to you? Of course being beaten in is necessary.

  2. clubs and committees are different. Daddies just get littles. I know mine gets me.

  3. This is probably the wrong group to use seal clubbing humour……just sayin.

  4. Precious Unicorn Girls P.U.G

  5. You are so McFunny…pugs!! Sealed with a pug

  6. Oh i love the name. Never been in a club either.

  7. Fun post, ha ha…thanks for the giggles!!!

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