Marshmallow fog


Like a delicate veil fluidly drifting down the back of a beautiful bride it caught our attention.

Mesmerized with wonderment we watched our landscape turn into a fluffy marshy mallow.

It was quiet, dark, glowing, and magical.  No one felt lost or suffocated.  It didn’t make us loose our way.  It was a thick shag carpet illuminated by the increasing darkness.

Two stand together enveloped by magic

Light and dark dance around them.


From the moment I saw those two trees I knew it was Daddy and I.  He the taller, darker,  on the right.  We have weathered many a storm.  That night we were surrounded by magic as we held hands and I took him to my world. 

For some there are days, starting with the moment they wake up, they  feel like they are in a constant battle with their mind.  The bad thoughts.  They may ask did I even go to sleep?  The world can seem so dark and mallow.  It is dark.  A cold foggy night could be a black lagoon.  Nothing but a brackish mire.    Those moments of joy when we can hold hands and I feel myself sparking his flickering light- those are precious.  He gives me so much in return


6 thoughts on “Marshmallow fog

  1. I love the concept of turning the scary into beauty and magic. You are a good foil for your daddy and he is good for your little heart.

  2. Oh this is beautiful!
    And of course I love your thoughts on the trees.
    Alder and I chose our names from the trees in our garden, with just that thought in mind, about weathering the storms side by side.

    Ash 🌳🌳💚

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