Monkey Friends and Kitty cats and bears OH NO


Making friends is scary- especially if you are a little.   There are lots of things to worry about: will they like “me”, will they stay my friend, can i depend on them.  Oh that is a scary one.  Do they think I am boring?

I don’t like  tuperware type parties.  When i am at a submissive meeting I actually don’t care what everyone’s shoe size is?   The problem is I don’t have enough energy to pretend that i do care.  Thoughts of “I feel different and can’t always relate, i have to pretend in conversations because small talk is soooo boring.   Technically that could fall under the social anxiety umbrella ella ella.

One good thing about making friends with littles is IT IS EASY.  You just know if someone is “like” you.  Even if they say they are not -there is some special connection that is made and things just kinda go from there.  Investments are made.

In person it often happens as a silent acknowledgement by smile as I peep out from behind Daddy.   Maybe I see someone with a stuffie or some other armour i recognize.  Many times these are just passing smiles and I excitedly tell Daddy, “Did you see, did you see?  I think she is a little.”     Daddy has learned to recognize certain traits in people too.   As the wonder twins in action we give each other an eye raised look.  Daddy is by best friend.  

Finding those people is not so easy.  Sometimes I would really rather stay home where i am comfortable.  That brings me to my online friends.  These friendships are built on a strong foundation of open and honest communication and silliness.  Each of you know who you are- there are only a few.  I need my little time with them.  Playing smart word games or court or seeing their coloring pics.  Mostly we help each other.  YAH that’s it.  we are life lines.   

Then there is my MB who had bigitis (the BIGS) and needed dafodil soup.  I also have a BIG friend but it turns out that she has latent babygirl tendencies.   Her stripper name is Sugar Tush.  One of my friends eats snacks for dinner- well actually that could be all of them.  None of them drink enough water.  BUT i love them anyway

Wilbear and I are very good friends. When he was hired to watch over me Daddy did not know he was a little. He is currently coordinating a stuffie parade.   I heard rumors he is making it a year of wilbear parade.   That bear!

He does remind me that making friends is important and being a good friend is even MORE important.

I recently made a new acquaintance through my blog.  I think she is like Jane Goodall studying the littles. She uses her glasses as a microscope.   I know that she could have latent tendencies because she uses the word McLittles.  I asked her to do a guest blog on Sock Monkey Comedy Improve.  She agreed and I am SOOOOOO THRILLED.









21 thoughts on “Monkey Friends and Kitty cats and bears OH NO

  1. That’s cause her glasses are SOOOOO big and ugly like a microscope.

  2. it’s much easier making friends online.

  3. You know, this reminds me of a friend. She is sweet, fun, kind, and although our friendship is still quite new and we haven’t met in person, I know it is safe to be little in her company. I am learning to trust her. Her words are always inspiring.
    You are a great friend.
    PS. I love this post.

  4. I may not completely understand, but I am envious of the bonds you share.

  5. Aww, such a sweet post…🍭🍬🍡🍭🍬🍡 Your poor kitty looks really scared of Wilbear!!! 😁😁😁

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