Wednesday is the new Thursday

giraffe and zebra date

Giraffe and zebra (the one in stripes) are captured by paparazzi while they enjoy a night out.

Recently I was asked if my stuffies dated one another and I have been fascinated with the idea ever since.  I was almost certain that no in house dating was going on in my house BUT does one ever really know when there are so many-After all we have not had a meeting in awhile.  Okay so through my quick detective work I figured that giraffe and zebra were the only suspects- they were “invited” to the dinner.  Like a three some.  A couples three some.

They may or may not have been put into my coat pocket without really knowing what was planned. A lesson in spontaneity.  

How did this all come about?  Well Daddy and I meet another couple on random Thursday nights for dinner and lifestyle conversation.  We decided to go on Wednesday.  Our friends arrived early because “traffic was almost non-existent”, parking and tables were available without wait, and food was served quickly.  This is how I deemed Wednesday to be the new Thursday.

On the drive I explained to Daddy that

a) they could learn about dates by observing us

b) we would finally know IF they were dating

c) We might learn from THEM and or i think i rattled off a few more plausible reasons.

His concern seemed to be whether of not a clan of stuffies filled my purse and were going to be with us.  I let him know it was zebra and giraffe and he seemed to be okay with that scenario.  I know it was a whirlwind.  

So while us two couples were talking very important subjects zebra and giraffe were kicking and wanting out of my pocket.  I announced my surprise and found them a spot on the table where they could observe and participate if they wanted.  NOW the look on the other couple’s face was interesting.  I can’t say if it was shock or what but then again it my first time on a date with a giraffe and zebra too.

disclaimer- while Thursday seems to be the new Friday which is why it is so crowded I hope that I can keep Wednesday as the new Thursday on the low down.

Am I the last to know of this dating? Am I so sheltered?


18 thoughts on “Wednesday is the new Thursday

  1. I’m worried that Sunday will be the new Monday and my week will start sooner. Please consider this madness!

  2. If Wednesday is Thursday and Sunday is Monday than Thursday is Friday and today was Saturday so I am having a great weekend with My little girl darling.

  3. i’m really confused now.

  4. Focus on dating… Right…not THAT kind of dating…

  5. Alder says I’m not to think about this weird timey-wimey thing you are proposing, coz today is definitely Saturday, and he knows what he likes to do on a Saturday.

    Giraffe and Zebra are so cute! I would love to go on a date with them!

  6. Timey-wimey explained by gorgeous David Tennant:

  7. Update: it does appear that the giraffe and zebra are dating, or at the very least having unprotected interracial sexual relations which may lead to a new species known as a zebraffe or girafbra.

  8. Giggles!
    Such a cute couple! 👏

  9. You mean giraffe and zebra are having unprotected sex???

    (shocked face)

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