The Oprah Effect on darling

You can skip this ad in 7 seconds; patience building exercises that come with my free phone aps.    I watched as a man told me he just finished putting in a new back patio and has an extra $ 20,000.00 thousand on hand…”  at that point he faded into the background as I asked my Husband some important questions.

I am told that I went on about the impossibility of the extra $ 20,000 on hand after finishing a patio and the basic stupidity of it all.     He did NOT have an extra 20k on hand because WHO does that?   I was annoyed.    i love bread

Then comes the first of  Oprah  weight watcher’s commercials- 2016 the year of Our Best Bodies.  She looked at me and repeated the tag line, “let’s let 2016 be the year of our best bodies”.    The year of our best bodies was quickly transformed into my world.

The Year of Wilbear was born.    The Oprah effect: I was inspired.  

year of best bodies

I saw the I LOVE BREAD commercial.   I discovered this phenomenon known as the “Oprah effect” would forever change my life

Randomly those 3 words, I love bread, are now inserted randomly into my conversations.

oprah giphy

We don’t have to hide our love of bread.  The taboo is broken.  Now I imagine if she changed the word bread to…um….well.   I am gonna end this now.   but you get my thought.

comments?  has anyone else been effected?



21 thoughts on “The Oprah Effect on darling

  1. I LOVE HEAD! I was also affected, but not by Oprah. 😉

  2. okay so I am going to just … ummm …. walk away and not look? lol I love bread too!

  3. Yes!! Oprah has subliminally hypnotized us, or conditioned us, or whatever it’s done to our heads… all I know is it’s maddening! The Oprah effect?
    Good golly geeze, it’s like a form of tourrets the way that 3word phrase pops out and into every conversation these days. I even had a CEO at work use it during a meeting the other day.(And my eyes weren’t even the only ones to roll!)

    I like your version waaaaaaayyyyyyy better! >:) lol It sounds waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more fun!

  4. omg I get it now, D. Love it and u. 🙂

  5. I too LOVE (br)ead… with a cornucopia of condiments and variety of… “utensils” SERVED and used! 😈

  6. Oprah? You watch Oprah?

    Ps, when Wilbear gets his own show I’ll defs be watching!

  7. I crust you! You donut lie. Giggle $ bread winner. More on the Oprah effect to come…

  8. I like bread and many of the things that bread can be transformed into. Like pizza. And donuts. And hard man candy.

  9. Wwa…..I like bread and many of the things that bread can be transformed into. Like pizza. And donuts. And hard man candy.

    You’ve clearly admitted to liking pizza even though you have denied it in the past. Why do you continue this charade? Are you some sort of closet pizza enjoyer? Are you ashamed of your pizza desires. Don’t be scared, come to the dark side.

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