Trending in 6th grade

And this happened at the dinner table.:

I asked the boy what was trending in 6th grade.    Husband asked the boy, “who is your funniest friend?”  We were given a name and Husband asked, “why is he funny?”  It wasn’t even an awkward moment when we were told that it was because he put Mc (mic) in front of everything.   Everything?   well not everything.  that is annoying.  

Husband and I looked at each other with that silent OMG are you getting this.   Husband is on a mission now to find out where did this friend get this idea?  this Mc.

Turns out I am trending in 6th grade.

I said, “you are McShitting me?”

Of course my little logic kicked in and I thought maybe his mom reads my blog.  right?



6 thoughts on “Trending in 6th grade

  1. Uh. I hope she doesn’t. Gross. I think Twitter is copying you. 🙂

  2. Mc SHUTTY!! No way! We are popular again! Ok, for me, it is the first time.

  3. Isn’t it funny, peculiar, and frightening how little ones sponge (expunge?) around parents, family, and peers!? HAH! The things we learn… too late sometimes! 😉

  4. Actually, it’s an international thing; getting a lot of coverage in the British press, is the popular vote to name a new ship “Boaty McBoatface”!


  5. That was McPrecious 😉

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