Dabbling Ducklings

baby ducklings 1

Little mama on guard while her twelve little delights dabble for food.  captured on samsung  s6


Something alerted her and off they go!  It may have been Wilbear hiding in the teasel.    captured on android

I (W/we) spend a good amount of time watching and narrating pond life.  Currently the ducks are the main attraction.

Everyone likes a good duck drama right?



11 thoughts on “Dabbling Ducklings

  1. Yeah nothing wrong with a little duck drama.

    • It is quite a show. The elder mama from last year is back and it looks like her male kids are after her to mate. She has not let them. Near death sky drama. Now there are 4-7 males who have a confab several times a day. One other couple is getting ready to lay. The to be daddy duck is a bad ass duck. It is so exciting and scary at the same time. no commercials though

  2. Duck drama is almost as good as #extremesquirrelporn 😁

  3. You should write all about the duck drama. Kittens love ducks. 😃

  4. Haha! Who’d a thunk you two were busy duck-watchers or duck-NARRATORS! Are you both as good as Morgan Freeman? When’s the film release?

    You two quack me up! 😛

  5. […] Unlike Episode One  of Game of Ducks,  which left us all in a good mood,- EP2 promises some foul goings on BUT ends […]

  6. I’m not sure how I missed this show.

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