Birthday Caper Update

Wilbear has agreed to be my stand in for my birthday.   He is my stunt double so it just makes sense.   What does this mean?   We will still celebrate the month long birthday as usual however since Wilbear is standing in there will be some adjustments:

birthday cards should be appropriate for Wilbear’s age (4 or 5) AND addressed to him

additional treat, gift, and expedition for Wilbear

thank you

Have I forgot anything?



18 thoughts on “Birthday Caper Update

  1. Hmmm are you are you a Taurus too Darling?

  2. TFQ you are welcome to email darling and discuss birthday issues.

  3. is it the month that rhymes with way?

  4. I’ll need Wilbear’s head measurement.

  5. Happy early month birthday

  6. I hope you and Wilbear have concluded negotiations over such things as, who gets the birthday cake, 🎂 and who gets the birthday spanking? ✋


  7. So if it’s a Birthday month, I guess you get a Spanking each and every day. Rather you need it or not 🙂
    I kinda like that idea 😉

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