I was not aware that others had issues with birthdays.  Even as the day approaches they become blue.  I don’t have a day so I omit that stress.  It is that just around the corner feeling…don’t think about what the day means to mundane muggles.  That will be your downfall.  If you can summon a birthday fairy or genie they can help.

Most people will use your birthday  as a reason to get cake.  It is usually our loved ones that are truly happy we were born and want to make that known.  Setting some guidelines can make birthdays much easier.

Make it your day.

Birthday planners must not be allowed to take over your birthday.  Months/weeks/days  before make a simple edict or announcement of what you will/won’t be doing on your birthday.  This is where you tell those close to you what age you will be celebrating, the birthday style you want (princess, christmas, super hero…)  Super hero includes invisibility which is nice if you don’t want any fuss.

For those of you who just don’t like birthdays consider adding a few days so that there is no day of celebration.  It is a sneaky way of getting out of an actual celebration.  When someone asks,” what are you doing for your birthday?”   You get to say I celebrate all week.   I mean really, most people work on their birthday or don’t do much at all.   Get rid of expectations.

Birthdays should be more like Christmas which is why I have a month.  Instead of Christmas songs pick some fun songs that you like and play those, decorate with lights, and create that magical holiday season.  Learn from successful birthday strategies. 

One of the best strategies I have used is when i turned 38 like 8 times.   This was successful because I followed my first tip:  I let everyone know I was turning 38.

This year I have a stand in.   Gifts will still go to me via my recirculation clause.   I just don’t have to actually have the birthday. My stand in will have it.  I am going out of town.  Another strategy.   The word birthday is actually stricken from use unless in reference to my stand in.

Remember that there is all kinds of time.  Microwave time where 1.5 plus 1.5 does not equal 3 min.  Dog years, little age, and sock monkey time to name a few.  Birthday fairies are very helpful at granting time frames.

If all fails then get a stand in.

Go to the light.






11 thoughts on “birthdays

  1. Happy-giggle-jumping up and down claps!! Yes yes I totally get it now!! Thank you Darling!

  2. Jumping June Bugs! Darling we are not alone, repeat. we are not alone. . . have you tried clicking on the birthday blues tag??? There’s loads of posts about it! Although we might be the only littles that have “birthday issues”.. . . not sure, might need to collect more data. . . other littles are being awfully quiet on the subject at the moment . . . not sure why as we tend to not be very quiet about much 😉

    • Don’t forget that family and friends like a reason to celebrate anything and a birthday or birth month is a justifiable reason to have a party, shop and buy a gift, put on a party outfit, etc. Having no expectations is easier on your soul as I have cried on too many birthdays (after working all day too) as the day was just like every other day so it just made me think I wasn’t special. That is until my Master surprised me with an amazing birthday that kept going for days and it returned my thrill of birthdays. Keep an open heart and let the birthday love be given to you.

    • They are processing and clicking prolly! Picking a flag, flower, and animal for my birthday state.. May upgrade to country…and I wanna hold court..omg. Wilbear will make a wonderful judge.

    • I love my birthday… And I’ll be 48
      The only one I was depressed about was 30 for some reason. I love my 40s

      What I do get sad about is being alone on my birthday….Which seems to happen more and more. Sucks being little and alone on your birthday

      • Make Vegas a Birthday Gift to you, each year. Call me & never be alone 🙂
        Myself, It’s just another day 🙂

  3. I usually take the day off work for my birthday. I never had to go to school on it why should I work! It should be a rule you get your birthday off.

    I loved turning 40 and I think I it was because I knew it was a gonna be a big deal. I’m not as excited about the next one probably because it won’t match up.

    I don’t really care to be the center of attention in a big group and people always harp on “getting old”. I think I’m getting younger. 😬

  4. Hahaha. All of you have made me have a good long chuckle! Many thanks ladies.

    You know… I heard or read a birthday suggestion from one of my SSC BDSM Dom buddies that I thought was clever (maniacal?) and thoughtful:

    Take the 12-months of the year on pieces of paper, separate them into four hats/bowls with three months each inside, draw one paper-month from each hat/bowl (a total of four months drawn). Those four months were to be “specialized” activities, or scenes, or further surprises drawn out of a fifth hat/bowl for each of the 4-months drawn — one couple made 1 of those 4 months a role-reversal month; something(s) that pushed boundaries and forced deeper learning/connection of both partners-spouses — which counted as “four renewals/rebirthing” parts of the year. This Birthday Gift can be varied and modified of course, but putting some new edgey activities, scenes, surprises into the fifth hat/bowl I feel makes it all MORE fun, more challenging. (gives a diabolical laugh)

    I really enjoy that sort of stuff. 😈

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