DMV Accident

Giant Sock monkey (GSM) is secured in my car, I, myself, and stewart little enter the DMV and take a number.

If a stupid girl rear ends your shiny car you have to fill out a report OR you receive  a threatening letter about suspension.     Fast forward to me sitting at the DMV all by myself, BIG  ADULT MODE, filling out an accident report.     Question – what was i intending to do at the time of the accident.

  • GO STRAIGHT AHEAD  check (that is what I intended to do)
  • REMAIN STOPPED IN TRAFFIC  check ( technically I also intended to do that)

Aha  OKAY- this is a trick accident report.

The section about airbags and injuries was also sneaky.   My injured brain was hurting by the time I got to the creative drawing section.   As any adult would do I put my hands to my cheeks, made a long sigh,  and decided that Daddy (Husband) needed to do that part.  He did.

We took the form back and the DMV person had a few questions:  How many people in the car?  just me.  She did not understand why I had coded air bag deployed for all the passenger seat positions.  ” OMG, I thought those were air bag positions”, I replied as I explained it to her.   We all giggled right?   Also she asked if I was deceased as in dead.  I told her NO.   I thought it was an odd question. 

She pointed out that I had entered the injury code indicating the driver as deceased.    I though it said Decreased without my glasses.    The other options of incapacitated, unconscious, or no injury didn’t’ fit so I choose “decreased”.   I didn’t know exactly what was decreased but something was.

She informed me I had just made her day.




19 thoughts on “DMV Accident

  1. haha..this really made me laugh…great!

  2. Yeah I’m blind as a bat without my contact lenses & there’s a chance that, without them, I’d check off that I’m deceased (because there’s no box for “I can’t fucking see!” on official forms)

  3. Also she asked if I was deceased as in dead. I told her NO.

    Hahaha! But I have come here to haunt you, your coworkers, and your vehicle too if you keep asking me silly trick questions!!! 😛

    This was a hilarious adventure SLD!

  4. ROFLMAO! This made my day, too. Although accidents suck, so I am sorry about that part.

  5. Sorry about the accident and having to deal with the DMV. Blah.
    But, are you deceased? What? I probably would’ve thought it said “are you diseased?” or something. Crazy question. Leave it to the government. lol

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