Duck Dock Wars EP3 Season2


After a perimeter check of the pond and a morning snack the fab 5 (orphaned babies) have a routine which includes a morning rest on the duck dock.  This is about my coffee time.   Perfect for observing and checking in on them.

Now on one particular morning the Great Blue Heron was resting on top of their duck dock.   This Heron we are all familiar with from my bear’s photos at wilbear studios.

I watched as the Fab 5 surveyed the situation.  The Heron jumped down from his perch.   His open wings clearly an intimidation move.  The Fab 5 appropriately were scared and dashed.  The Fab 5 reassessed the situation and made a plan.   A rear approach was made and one duck asserted himself on his dock.   The far left edge but still he was ON his dock.

The Heron did a dracula stance and made a wha ha bella lagosi move.  The fab 5, familiar with dark wing duck, did not back down.   Senior duck, spotted in the right corner, was not so brave.   My fab 5 are fabulous.


I just love the look on the Heron’s face as he realizes he is being befriended.

Episode 1

Episode 2


12 thoughts on “Duck Dock Wars EP3 Season2

  1. I have a friend who had a similar situation a season back. She found 5 ducklings stranded in her swimming pool instead of the nearby pond. She took them in (to the bathtub) and raised them until they could fend in the yard. Then she built a pen. As they grew, they bonded on her. She row-boated into the pond and they would follow.
    Fast forward, they still return each season. She calls them and they come running.
    So happy you are also a den-momma!

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