More Ducklings EP4 Season2


Pond life is exciting.

Last weekend Nine new ducklings hit the pond scene.   Perfectly imprinted and tough little fuzz balls. They are officially called 9 of 9.  When you get to 7 of 9 it all makes sense.  Well- for some of you.  anyway    it is geek talk.  It seems late in the season for new comers but they ARE here.  

These ducklings are often left on their own while mommy takes a break.   I go to my looking station and scan the pond for mama.   I make sure the house knows that she is MISSING.    It’s like an alert system and any sightings are reported to me.

I do worry though because mamma leaves them alone for times.  I don’t like that.  I worry.  I have always been so emotional about animals.  They affect me more than humans.  I can’t watch stuff on t.v when it comes to bad things happening.  The movie Hidalgo was a night mare fest.  I have had animals since i was little- always.  We whisper to each other.  They  communicate with their eyes.

And pond life continues.








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