PLJ 01

Pond Life Journal


5:55 AM Sunday – 3 newts and a  gray tabby cat were sighted.   The cat  was reported to be wearing white socks.

The cat saw one large newt and stopped in his tracks.  How do I know all this?  I received a play by play narrative from the man sitting on the bed.  

The window was closed or we might have heard an eeek sound from the tabby which would add credibility to my  theory that he  thought it  was a giant mouse or rat.

Pond life is getting very exciting as we have a new baby merganser (BM).   I had thought it was one of the Fab Five suffering from depression- it sat in the quagmire not moving.   Definite sign of duck depression.  I must have mentioned it a few times?   Husband went out to verify or rather ” check things out”.

It was NOT one of the Fab 5 stuck or injured.   IT WAS A BABY.  Just a little guy.

He has not allowed me to photograph him yet.  I am working on a release form and building a blind.



8 thoughts on “PLJ 01

  1. Always get permission in case he goes viral.

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