Using Imagination for a Better World

Giant Sock Monkey

Today I spoke with my therapist about Giant Sock Monkey (GSM), MB, stuffies, connections and some other stuff.  I was telling her how GSM is no longer riding in the front seat of my car and I didn’t think i needed him.  Yes, i noticed his absence and considered putting him in the back seat BUT right now he is not my co-pilot.   4 days no GSM.

She reads body language and after some discussion we asked the question of “is it do i need him or just not want to need him”…   anyway

The important part to know is we use our imagination to make our world better.  This is OKAY.  This is good.  It all made sense.  Did GSM mean i was not mature or did he make things more FUN?

Obviously he makes things more fun.  Look at him.

So I concluded that I don’t have to use my brain to make sure everything is protected in my world which really means real.  I can use my imagination to make a better world.

I am not the kind of adult that lets fear over ride my thoughts and I don’t spin worse case scenarios all the time.   I am more of the fun, imaginative, and different type of adult.

I use that wonderful childlike imagination that i have procured over years.   I make my world- the world a better place.

 p.s. sending hugs to any stuffies in the emergency room- just believe.   



14 thoughts on “Using Imagination for a Better World

  1. Aww cheeky said what I was gonna say. ❤️
    You always give good things to think about.
    DB hasn’t been sitting up front lately either.

  2. God I don’t understand sock monkeys… You and angel… Ugh

  3. wilbear looks so tiny next to GSM!!!

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