Not me but the lemur

img_20160916_123236506_hdrso I don’t wanna say where I was; I was at my therapist.  This circle thing with a face was next to me. I got creeped out or just wasn’t sure what is was.  Yah so I turned it away from me.

Therapist thought it was odd because she thinks our smiles are the same.  She may have said we look alike which after my gasp I took out my phone to document what she said.  Even though it was obvious I was gonna share – I told her I would be telling my friends.

She giggled and blushed and said some cover up of blue eyes….

I changed subject and said Frank, her lemur, was okay to look at.

Does that look like my smile?



17 thoughts on “Not me but the lemur

  1. Therapist is questionable. I wanna hear more about the lemur.

  2. What??? That is a creepy blue thing. Not the same. Yes. Lemur.

  3. I should add that I am her little therapist..thetapist to her little.for reals…not making it up…she had on a bow tie.

  4. Spying…omg…that’s why I instinctively knew to turn it away! YES

  5. Yep! Your smile alright… and DEFINITELY the nose! You guys share the same nose! 😛 😉

  6. I see the resemblance. That’s the color of blue you turn when I don’t let you breath(consensually of course). Damn we’re kinky fuckers.

    Did nobody notice that you said that your therapist is a little? How does that get passed over.

    I like lemurs. Almost as much as otters.

    Hi Professor Taboo. Been awhile, hope all is well. I heard you might be a little too. Just saying…..

    Lovely post darling. Fun, like you.

    Love you babygirl.

  7. I caught it. Score 😀❤️
    I love the description of when your color matches too lol

    Glad you’re in good hands. In all ways lol

  8. I caught it too! Jumping up and down waving hands wildly. . . Giggles 😁

  9. I wanna hear about the lemur, too!


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