Decision #545

I just decided that it is NOT important today that my socks match.

Big or little decision?


15 thoughts on “Decision #545

  1. I think that is dependent on the logic behind the decision.

  2. Convention is HIGHLY overrated SLD! Go for it! 😉 ❤

  3. A big decision by a little ❤️

  4. Darling, it is a rare day when my socks match. There is so much more fun in variety! ☺


  5. Much more important to expend Big Logic picking shoes that match. Lopsided walking if not. Socks are optional.

  6. Faith, trust, and pixie dust

    That’s a huge little decision 😉

  7. Mine never did.
    I have 5 pairs of oddly matched socks, made out of 10 pairs of socks, which means I lost nearly 5 pair somewhere. -_-

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