So about that Lemur

I had some questions about a lemur.  I can tell you His name is Frank.  Now I happen to know that therapist’s bosses name is ALSO Frank but she says no connection. Right.   Therapist is now called T.  I can’t write that out everytime.

Frank sits in a yoga buddha meditation pose with a yellow flower in his lap.  It IS the yellow flower that I gave to T.   So now I am connected to Frank.

I am often asked if I want to hold Frank.   Um, I don’t know him THAT well.  Did I mind if Frank faces me?  Silly question.  Frank can sit any which way he wants.  right?

Also if you are lost then it may help to read the beginning page in the therapy chronicles at imagination post.  crap that is the wrong one….I can’t find it….Someone help out on that would you.   Both WWA and Tora Princess had questions.  Of course you might have to ash…not sure.

I just know you don’t eat twinkies.

I notice a few new followers…please introduce yourself in the comments.

Frank says so.




7 thoughts on “So about that Lemur

  1. Hahahaha… SLD, you really crack me up sometimes! This was such an enjoyable entertaining read. Thank you for making my Wednesday evening. ❤

  2. Hi darling, I’m Daddy, long time listener, first time commentor.

    I don’t eat Twinkies. I do like apple danish though.

    This Frank the lemurs sounds fun. Perhaps he needs to meet GSM…… JS.

    Anyhoo, nice post.

    Take care pretty girl.

  3. i like twinkies if they are chocolate covered.
    I’m surprised Frank hasn’t climbed in your lap already. lemurs are very curious. I dont know if they get along with sock monkeys. i think they have very different cultures.

  4. I saw a lemur when I went to safari zoo!!!! I also saw merkats. And some birds. And I found Nemo and also Mushu.

  5. And I was almost killed by an ostrich. Unicorn’s honor.

  6. I don’t think Frank was there.

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