Non appointment making

So I seem to have this aversion to making appointments.  I don’t like to call.  I mean I have to find a number I don’t have and talk to someone on the phone.

It is also possible that I have waited and am often given an outrageous date that is often weeks/months out… The negotiation begins where I am offered an early morning slot…I counter with,” do you have something in the afternoon?”.  Code for I don’t want to get up early.

The other thing is I rarely answer my phone or return calls…so the lady that has called 4 times for my mammogram… right.

I think this is ptsd thing.  Anyone else experiencing this?



17 thoughts on “Non appointment making

  1. I have this same anxiety. Appointments, phone companies anything that requires the combination of a phone and a veritable stranger. My number one defence is to put it off, when that is no longer an option I obsess over wording trying to come up with as few words possible to convey the required info. The call itself, I can get breathless and talk in rapid fire to get it over with which usually just makes it longer because they need things repeated or clarified. Then there is the horror I feel when I am asked a question or given an answer I hadn’t anticipated. Very draining.

    • I never considered the stranger / phone combination…hmmmm. i don’t like talking to strsngers.. my phone is reserved for friends and my husband…intimate.. secret…you used the word ” defense” – yes that makes perfect sense… I don’t think I want to go to appointment so I don’t want to call and commit…
      That must suck to have to repeat something…it is difficult the first time. Sorries…

  2. I don’t like to make appointments, I don’t like to talk to people in general, no anxiety I just don’t want to.
    When it comes to making appointments for myself I generally don’t but after many years of the same reaction I know that truth is I can’t be bothered with myself because I can’t be bothered to put me first, or spend the time (waiting room, appt etc.) on me first.
    TBH the only time I make appointments for me, and follow through is because Sir says so, otherwise I still probably wouldn’t. His making me important in turns allows me to do the same.

  3. Yes I prefer not to speak on the phone. It’s worse when I’m scheduling for children or Daddy because I stress over the scheduling. That’s how we missed the dentist two go rounds.
    Answer that call and make that mammo appt.!

  4. Firstly; it’s there an option to do stuff online rather than on the phone? I have an app to make appointments for doctors, nurses, tests etc.
    Or, can they make a schedule of repeat appointments for you? My dentist does.
    Secondly; that mammogram – get to it!!

    Ash 😊

  5. Make the call and get the mammo! I promise, it’s not nearly as bad as the follow-up ‘suspicious’ something-or-other and going back in for surgery!
    (Benign, whew!)

  6. For me it depends largely on who I’m calling and what the call is about/for, also depends on how I’m feeling at the time. Generally speaking it’s not something I view as a big deal. That said, I now hand off as many unpleasant calls as I can, ie. insurance companies, needing to cancel an appt, etc. as they just stress me out. And if it’s something I can schedule online or some other way then I’ll often opt for that. Hope you do call and make your mammo appt soon though. (((hugs)))

  7. YES!!!! Offical…. PERFECT…I bet we WILL see him. He is bi-lingual too.

  8. Hi SLD,

    I am not nor do I experience PTSD, however, from the clinical side — I once worked in the Psych/A&D field while working on my master’s degree — I empathize and understand. ❤

    Please take good care of yourself! I know Sir does a great job! 🙂

  9. I have cancelled every mammo appt for the last 7 years…ugh.

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